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Recent content by Kratter

  1. K

    Confirm IDs Miami

    Agree 1-2 Laughing Gull (#1 adult alternate plumage, #2 subadult); #3 looks like a Green Parakeet Andy
  2. K

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2022

    Even being a member of the NACC has left me often disappointed. Guess that is the nature of committees.
  3. K

    Meet the Blue-winged Amazon Parrot - New Species

    The description was a real shoddy piece of science: (PDF) A new species of Mexican parrot? Reasonable doubt on the status of Amazona gomezgarzai (Psittaciformes: Psittacidae)
  4. K

    What type of bird is the lower left in Florida 1-8-22?

    Glossy Ibis, with Boat-tailed Grackle Andy
  5. K

    Finch, California, USA

    Reddish back and stout bill with little curve to culmen make this a Purple Finch. Andy
  6. K

    Brewer's Sparrow?? (Canoa Ranch, Green Valley, AZ)

    Looks perfect for Brewer's Sparrow. Notice the overall sandy gound color of the back and wings, the very plain face, slight eyering, nearly indistinguishable eyeline, and solid crown with streaking throughout.
  7. K

    Guinness Records of Birdwatching

    For the last question, Stephen's Island Wren (endemic NZ wren on a small island off the north tip of the South Island) was likely seen only by one person, the lighthouse keeper David Lyall. Also seen by his cat, who killed off the last known birds.
  8. K


    The NACC and SACC will have many proposals over the next several months to discuss potential conflicts with WGAC decisions (see thread: IOC combines forces w/ NACC, SACC, Cornell, and more to produce "global checklist") Andy
  9. K


    Continuing the ridiculous trend to not mention the species, even in the Abstract. Buried in the meat of the paper: Ramphocelus melanogaster (Huallaga Tanager) is a highly range restricted species, endemic to elevations above 500 m in the Huallaga and Mayo valleys of the eastern Andean foothills...
  10. K

    ID flycatcher, South Padre Island, TX, USA

    That is odd. The rear projecting eyering is often a good mark for one of the Western Flycatchers (Cordillera or Pacific-slope), but the rest of the bird doesn't look anything close to either of those. It's probably an Alder Flycatcher with an abnormally proominent eyering or maybe the weird...
  11. K

    Bats or birds? August around 7:30 pm old building in St. Louis, Missouri

    Chimeny Swifts roost at night in chimenys, and in the late summer they often have pre-migration roosts with great numbers (can be >1000 birds) . Just before dark, they emerge seemingly out of nowhere and enter by spiraling/tumbling downwards into the chimeny.
  12. K

    Unknown call needs ID. - SW Ontario

    Maybe a young Great Horned Owl begging. Andy
  13. K

    Article on nomenclature in Africa.

    The NACC has one Mexican member - Blanca Hernandez from UNAM who joined in 2020. Adolfo G. Navarro, also at UNAM, served briefly,in 2015-15, but he was unable to commit long-term (there is little academic reward for serving on the committee). We get an equal amount of criticism for retaining...
  14. K

    Article on nomenclature in Africa.

    The Kill Bill Tanager
  15. K

    South Louisiana Catbird?

    When did you see it? Gray Catbirds are common in south Louisiana during fall, winter mad spring, but are only present in small numbers in summer, (eBird map for June-July this year: Sign in) .