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Recent content by kstrating

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    SE Brazil 2-3 weeks, November 2021

    Well Butty, it seems you are correct. I am having to cancel my trip to Brazil in 2021. This thread can be deleted.
  2. K

    SE Brazil 2-3 weeks, November 2021

    Now there is a coincidence, we will be on the same trip in October! I'm staying on to spend time at Itororo Lodge, then REGUA, and then heading farther south (I hope). Adrian Rupp has responded to my inquiries and seems quite professional. We are discussing itinerary options with his 18...
  3. K

    SE Brazil 2-3 weeks, November 2021

    Oh ye' of little faith... lol. Funny thing is, I'm trying to visit friends in Canada and have those very issues. To date, Brazil has not required quarantine for air travel to the country though they do limit flights from the UK. Friends in Sao Paulo are saying things are getting better and...
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    SE Brazil 2-3 weeks, November 2021

    Thanks for the reference. Don't agree with the "high risk of failure". As long as the group is vaccinated, and is flexible, then it should work out. One reason I prefer to use a local guides, they can usually think on their feet to find a "plan B". I feel this is a critical time to visit...
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    SE Brazil 2-3 weeks, November 2021

    Hello! I will be in Brazil October-December 2021 focusing on birding the Atlantic Rainforest and am trying to organize a SE Brazil trip starting in either Rio or Sao Paulo (though that is flexible). I'm in contact with a couple different birding companies with good reputations, but nothing is...
  6. K

    NE India in January

    Dr_AHD; Tried to reply to your PM regarding an India tour but your inbox is full. Was not able to get this trip going yet, but am looking at other India options now for late Feb, early March. Cheers.
  7. K

    NE India End of Feb 2020

    Looking for companions interested in tour by Asian Adventures (Iqbad Ahmed), Delhi to Delhi into NE India. 15 day itinerary here: https://travefy.com/trip/6yw9rqywcbhsqz2akz6c2vxxh4uagva It will be my first trip to Asia, though will have been in India for 6 weeks at time of departure. I do...
  8. K

    NE India in January

    Thank you Mike, this is just what I was looking for. I will respond via email. BTW, enjoyed Bubo quite a bit. Need a bit more time with it, there are a lot of different threads with good information. Cheers.
  9. K

    NE India in January

    I am planning a trip to India in January/February 2020 and am interested in birding northeast India. Does anyone have any input on birding this area at that time of year (for example, weather, nesting, migrations, etc.)? Apologies for the open question, this trip is rather last minute and I'm...
  10. K

    a few days in San Jose

    We birded Quebrada Gonzalez in Baurilo Carrillo with our own car, and it was great, even when we arrived at around 11am. Road was good, going, though I expect catching a bus back may be an issue due to the construction delays at Route 4 intersection (east of QG). They are letting traffic...
  11. K

    Parking at Los Cusingos and Villas Rio Mar

    Tah, you have probably left already, but for anyone else reading, I'm just back from Los Cusingos and Cerro Lodge. Parking at Los Cusingos, as previously stated, is adjacent to the ticket office/gift shop that has staff, so with things out of casual site, I wouldn't worry. Look for...
  12. K

    C K Leong

    Was just out with CK last week and would recommend him highly. He's a great birder, well equipped, has local knowledge, and is a pleasure to be around. We went on day trips to the Crocker Range, and to Tempasuk Plains out of KK. Also spent time in Tawau Hills Park where birding was...
  13. K

    Travellingbirder down again :(

    There was a lot of talk last year on BF about developing an alternative site using Travellingbirder's database. Did that happen? Anyone have a suggested site for recent SE Asian bird trip reports? I miss Travellingbirder and sincerely hope that all is well with them.
  14. K

    BRL repairs done?

    A friend was at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley in January and mentioned there was a lot of truck activity to repair some river bank erosion. He said is was rather a lot of disturbance and looked like it could go on for some time. Does anyone know if this is still going on?