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Recent content by lee_hesp

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    Identifying a moth

    It's a fabulous Elephant Hawkmoth
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    Moth ID help, Scotland

    ...and just because there are no previous records doesn't rule out that it isn't one :-) Cheers, Lee
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    Moth ID help, Scotland

    Not sure about the Drab. Clouded is much commoner in Scotland. Use this site to see if there are any records from where you were catching http://www.mothrecording.org/index.php?c=info&m=spinfo_all&mm=spinfo_all Cheers, Lee
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    Golden Eagles over Callander

    I've seen Red Kite, Buzzard, Peregrine and Osprey over Callander, never a Golden Eagle. Would be interested in photos if you have them. Best bird ever here was the Barrow's Goldeneye which overwintered in 2006
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    Are these both Brindled Pugs (Glos)

    If I'd have caught them in my garden I'd have gone for Brindled Pugs too, but not an expert by any means
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    Help with two yellow underwings please (Scotland)

    #2 definitely had a yellow underwing with a black bar when it flew. Thanks for the suggestions! Lee
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    Help with two yellow underwings please (Scotland)

    Is the first a Large? Which makes the second a lesser?
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    Double Square Spot or Triple Spotted Clay...

    .... or something else (Scotland)? Very pretty either way.
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    Is this a Sword Grass (Scotland)?

    ...and if not why please!
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    Moth ids confirmation Scotland

    Thanks for the quick confirmation. I have set up an account to log records at http://www.mothrecording.org. For each macro species you can view a map of the UK which shows you each tetrad it has been recorded in. When you add a record to a tetrad that a species has not been recorded in before...
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    Moth ids confirmation Scotland

    I've just started light trapping and have been adding my moth records online http://www.mothrecording.org. Three species I have caught recently seem to be new records for my tetrad. Can someone confirm the ids please? 1. Pale Prominent 2. Green Silver-lines 3. Swallow Prominent Thanks!
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    moth id scotland

    Good suggestion. I think you are correct. Thanks!