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Recent content by London Birder

  1. London Birder

    Japan: late October to mid-November

    Hi, I'll be in the Toyota region of Japan (not a country I've visited before) for three weeks from late October and will have plenty of time for birding, but travelling great distances won't be an option. So, are there any productive spots anyone can recomend in that area? Any help appreciated.
  2. London Birder

    Hares at Dublin Airport

    Yes, Mountain Hares of the subspecies hibernicus, I think. They certainly help pass the time whilst waiting for a flight.
  3. London Birder

    Biggest twitches and dips ever

    The biggest 'twitch' I've ever attended wasn't for a bird but the Northern Bottle-nosed Whale that turned up in London in 2006. Literally thousands of people.
  4. London Birder

    Sparrowhawks responsible for House Sparrow decline says scientist

    ... he may get a three minute slot on The One Show.
  5. London Birder

    New Zealand Falcon

    Is anyone aware of any papers on this species and its relationship to other members of the Falconidae? Many thanks.
  6. London Birder

    Kensington Tawny Owl Help

    one owlet was showing today in a tree adjacent to an adult. Viewing becoming difficult due to leaf-growth.
  7. London Birder

    Kensington Tawny Owl Help

    three owlets now ... http://hpkg.blogspot.com
  8. London Birder

    Harry and lukes big london bird race (help us win our bet)

    I may be able to help with Tawny Owls on those dates. No promises though as leaf growth may inhibit a view.
  9. London Birder

    Long-lost Charadrius Plover

    some nice recent photos here > http://www.birdingetc.com/2011/02/red-hot-plovers.html
  10. London Birder

    Feral Pigeon (Rock Dove)

    I did wonder if there was a parental lock guard facility. Aged as a young bird on account of the brownish irides, underdeveloped cere, and a full set of toes.
  11. London Birder

    Feral Pigeon (Rock Dove)

    Avian eye-candy I always think ...
  12. London Birder

    Sparrowhawk in the warehouse

    Cut a bath sponge into the shape of a House Sparrow, soak it in water, stick it on the end of a long pointy stick, and wave it about. It probably won't do the job but it'll make for a memorable day at work.
  13. London Birder

    Sparrowhawk in the warehouse

    Throw a few crumbs of bread outside the warehouse entrance, hopefully this will attract House Sparrows. On seeing these the Sparrowhawk will immediately depart via said entrance (exit), decimate the sparrow flock, and head off into the wild blue yonder. Or at least that's what ought to happen...
  14. London Birder

    Kensington Tawny Owl Help

    I'll be posting details of this year's owlets when they branch, here > http://hpkg.blogspot.com This will also be an excellent opportunity to connect with the adults for those who haven't yet done so.