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Recent content by lukasz

  1. lukasz

    Route from Narewka to Bialowieza

    It's a dirt track through the managed part of the forest. Driveable, feel free to use it. But nothing wrong with the route through Hajnowka.. it also goes through the forest, same distance, just the tarmac surface is different. Looking back I think we have seen equal numbers of wildlife on both...
  2. lukasz

    biebrza accomodation?

    Hi Nick, I know exactly what you are talking about.. The emails are probably correct.. unfortunately it is far too common here in eastern Poland that hotels etc don't give timely replies. We experience it ourselves with Dobarz running our wildlife tours business. Best we have learned is just...
  3. lukasz

    Birdwatching in Poland - spring is early plus a short video

    Thank you guys. Will post more stuff from 2015 when it's ready.
  4. lukasz

    Birdwatching in Poland - spring is early plus a short video

    Haha :) I don't think our borders will be sealed but if so, I will personally write you invitations! :t:
  5. lukasz

    Birding near Wroclaw, Poland

    They are there but early June they are not so likely to respond well plus the tall vegetation at that time doesn't help. There's always chances, though!
  6. lukasz

    Birdwatching in Poland - spring is early plus a short video

    Hi everyone, Looks as if spring is once again a bit early this year. At least here in Poland. Geese migration is well advanced, Cranes are already here and the first White Storks have just been seen in NE Poland. Here is a short youtube video of our last years birding in the Białowieża Forest...
  7. lukasz

    Birding near Wroclaw, Poland

    Hi Alan, Milicz fishponds are indeed the best choice re distance from Wroclaw. Early July you should still get Great Reed, Marsh and Savi's Warblers, Penduline Tits, plenty of Marsh Harriers, Red and Black necked Grebes, Marsh Terns.
  8. lukasz

    Birding in Bialowieza and Biebrza, spring 2016

    Hi all, Lukas from WildPoland.com here. Just a short info, because many birders already asked for guiding this spring in Bialowieza and Biebrza for woodpeckers, pygmy owl, great snipe and some warblers. There will be plenty of opportunities to join our short day trips for all the most wanted...
  9. lukasz

    Identify these trees?

    Mike, they are Ash trees indeed :) The bark and overall silhouette, the shape of branches are typical. On this last photo you can also see the compound leaves (7 lobes).
  10. lukasz

    Identify these trees?

    They look like ASH trees to me, but I'd have to get a closeup of the leaves to be 100% sure..
  11. lukasz

    Bieszczady Birding

    Birds are much easier to find out there than Wolves or Bison so you shouldn't have problems :D
  12. lukasz

    Poland in February

    Tom, Jurek, sorry to cut into your conversation but I happen to know a bit on the subject.. The "hides" are just tall wooden viewing towers very obvious and visible from the road and available to anyone. There is nothing hidden about them.. :) The Biebrza Site Guide describes all of them in...
  13. lukasz

    Bialowieza and Biebrza - need a guide ?

    Sorry to say but Jan Kowalski from Gugny died last year.. Not sure if his wife is still running the B&B but probably yes. BTW - the google's translation does it since Jan Kowalski is Polish most common name and surname which I guess refers to John Smith in English.. :) There are many cheap and...
  14. lukasz

    Bialowieza and Biebrza - need a guide ?

    Ian, Paul, thanks for your words and feedback. Really happy you liked and enjoyed the books and most of all - found them useful :) @Gus The books give all the directions on where to watch most of the breeding birds here, incl Woodpeckers and Hazelhen. In addition, the informatory part will help...