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Recent content by malc1

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    Algarve birding

    Thanks Rafael, I’m resigned to it being cancelled but would like some idea of when to rearrange it. I’ve been in November and April but there wasn’t an awful lot about at these times.
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    Algarve birding

    In the unlikely event that our holiday is cancelled and we have the opportunity to take it at a later date, does anyone have an idea of when the best time is. Our requirement is for a wide variety of birds, not necessarily rarities, just a good variety of species.
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    Algarve birding

    I’ve hopefully plotted a route, the bus route as far as Quinta de Marim and then there seems to be a collection of paths either side of the railway line meandering towards Tavira avoiding the N125. Bought a Portugal Satmap card, just hope I’ll be able to use it%!
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    Algarve birding

    Thanks, looking forward to trying that. Will it avoid N125, I see you did the reverse of what we’ll be doing initially, we’ ll be doing Olhao-Tavira first.
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    Bird hides

    Maybe Julie, I don’t know exactly what you mean, I think Probably a 2inch lift, would be ample. Unfortunately I’m not lightweight. In some of the hides at Cley I recall there are blocks of wood, maybe they are for height adjusting purposes.
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    Algarve birding

    Thanks jforgham and kb57, all of your information is useful. Last time we went we only found one hide but it is quite a big reserve. If all else fails the sun will shine. Thanks again.
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    Lost on choosing tripod and head for my first scope

    If it will always be used for a scope only I would recommend a pan and tilt head, the PH157Q or a Manfrotto will be fine. You may also want to think about a hide clamp accessory. Both Velbon and Manfrotto are worth a look. Neither option uses an arca plate but for permanent use with on device...
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    Bird hides

    I find in the majority of bird reserve hides that the opening dimensions mean that using an angled scope while seated means the object lens of the scope is lower than the bottom of the opening. Standing and keeping the object lens lower than the top of the opening means an uncomfortable stoop...
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    Algarve birding

    We’re going to Olhao mid May for a few days, thinking of Quinta Marim, hoping May is better than April, is cycling to Tavira feasible? Wouldn’t mind a day trip if there’s any going. I don’t want to drive. All help welcome.
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    New book - Birding hotspots in the Algarve - Tavira and the North-east

    Shame, the week after we’re back in the UK, I’ll probably get it to see what I’ve missed.
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    How do most people carry their big white lenses?

    The cotton carrier is just capable for the previous version of the canon 500 f4. The cotton hub needs to be on the lens foot and the camera body is just below the chin. Maybe with a 600 the camera would sit too high. The carrier has tethering straps for safety and it leaves room for a scopac or...
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    New book - Birding hotspots in the Algarve - Tavira and the North-east

    Going to Olhão beginning of April, will it be available by then.
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    7D ll or 100-400 ll

    I'm thinking of a 400mm lens, 1've got a Sigma 120-300 but I always use it at 300. This is worth thinking about when deciding whether to buy the 100- 400 or the 400f5.6.
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    HELP!!! IS or not

    I've not been to Skomer, but spoke to someone who did who was very disappointed. Went to Farnes two years ago and am going again in two weeks and can't imagine how it could be better. Close-ups of puffins, shags,terns, guillemots, razorbills is how I remember it. Eiders as well. The only...
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    Lens dilemma

    For a week or so I've been pondering whether to swap my sigma non os 120-300 for a Canon 400 5.6. As well as a 2x converter for the sigma I have canon 500f4 old type and 1.4 converter. Then I think for BIF is the 400 long enough, sometimes the 500 isn't! Birds are elusive critters, I'm going to...