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Recent content by Malsam

  1. Malsam

    Is a 50mm NL likely?

    I own a 12x42 NL and costs around the same (higher) compared to 12x50 EL and for the longest time I can't bringing myself to purchase the latter. When I tested the NL, took me like 10 seconds to decide to place an order. If there is a 12x50 NL and the price is way higher, I'll probably still end...
  2. Malsam

    NL pure phone adaptor

    I have never been able to visualise how does phone adaptor works on the bino since bino is about quick, impromptu viewing and of course we all know how fast birds are. I usually carry a bridge camera with me but i do realise this usually result in losing the birds position hence I’m thinking of...
  3. Malsam

    Hello from Italy

    Hi old man Carlo’S :-) and welcome by old man Malsam too! Please share your sightings would love to know more about the common birds in your city or neighbourhood!
  4. Malsam

    Hello from China

    Welcome! Please share sightings of your city would love to know more about them! Might be common for u but rare in other parts of the world so do keep it coming!
  5. Malsam

    12x42 NL instead of 10x42 NL for birding ?

    I was also thinking of going for a 10x as my primary bins but after trying out an NL Pure and the very logical FRP attachment, I tried a 12x and decide to place an order last year. I just got it last weekend and it’s been working pretty well for me. I would say the FRP is not a game changer but...
  6. Malsam

    I bought EL 12x50 for $2149.95 New!

    Like what others mentioned, I manage to try out a NL 10x42 last week at a shop, its dazzling clear and it feels like my kid will like it better than me. Its wickedly appealing! The EL 12x is already very clear and I have been looking for a 12x for my raptor watch beginning in November. I will be...
  7. Malsam

    Swarovski Scope ATX vs STX - which do u use it for

    Does anyone have any experience in using either? I understand Photographers prefer the STX but ATX allows easier viewing? Please share your experience. Thanks!
  8. Malsam

    Birding backpack - Vanguard endeavor

    anyone uses 1 the birding backpack from Vanguard? How does it fit a scope with bino, camera etc. Most importantly the ergonomic of carrying it. Thanks! https://youtu.be/brzd6z3YZk8 https://youtu.be/op2SY99-lHo
  9. Malsam


    Hello and welcome! Please share your experience/opinion! Love to hear from u soon!
  10. Malsam

    Ultravid HD+ 12x50

    Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts and to confirm my thoughts of owning different lines and experiencing it differently! Really appreciate the insights! :-)
  11. Malsam

    The 3 big brands using experience

    Thank you so much for sharing your insights! This is invaluable info to newbies like myself. I came from photography world and Leica is the only name I have heard besides some occasional Zeiss brand mentions and Swarovski is jewellery in my country :-). I decided on the swarovski for a few...
  12. Malsam

    Ultravid HD+ 12x50

    Thanks for providing your valuable pointers and the link! Yes I'm not wearing glasses hence both seems appealing to me. One observation I do have for my existing SV 8.5x42 is that I do get blind spot quite often and have to adjust my viewing position whereas leica allows me to just get it right...
  13. Malsam

    Ultravid HD+ 12x50

    Hi all, apologise if this topic had been discussed just unable to find it in a topic hence would like to pose my question here. I’m in the market for a 12x, Zeiss doesn’t have it locally so I’m into a Leica and a swarovski. I have access and tried both, (for a short period only) each has its...
  14. Malsam

    The 3 big brands using experience

    Hi all, I’m consider new to the world of optics, specifically on binos. In fact this equipment just came into my life about a year and a half ago when i go into birding. Previously I’m into photography, more on nature/landscape but turn portraits. Went into birding since late 2017-early 2018...
  15. Malsam

    Tell me how does a digiscope helps?

    Hi all, I have a noob question about this piece of equipment. I know the magnification allows the owner to view birds at much further distance than eyes can see. I have a few hesitation on using it, need some clarity/advice/comments pls: 1. Setting up is so slow Similar to the digital camera...