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Recent content by Mark Etheridge

  1. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    As far as I am aware (reading reports from resident birders), yes they are! Also the Azure-winged Magpies are still there.
  2. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    Glad you found them! At this time of the year, it might well have been 2 adults and their offspring?
  3. DSC_7185.jpg


    Common Whitethroat
  4. Mark Etheridge

    500PF Discontinued?

    It was a random posting on Facebook by some chap who received a message from someone at Nikon UK; the consensus is that the Nikon person was referring to the older 500mm F4 in saying it was discontinued. Just shows how easily rumours can be generated by social meeja without any foundation...
  5. Mark Etheridge

    Wild in Aberdeen - City and Shire

    A Hoopoe has turned up at Pittodrie Stadium, home of Aberdeen FC. It has been rooting around for at least three days on the verges of the players' car park, which is private land, and so far the assembled throngs have kept their distance so the bird is relatively undisturbed, although distant...
  6. Osprey


    White/black VE is a male Osprey originally ringed at a nest in Angus on 26/6/2007. It was first identified on the Ythan Estuary on 20/9/2009 and has been seen regularly ever since. It is thought to be a local breeder.
  7. Mark Etheridge

    Bee ID Please? (UK)

    This bee was on lavender in my garden in Dyce, Aberdeenshire today. I've not seen one this colour before, although they are phone grabs the colouration is fairly accurate. Smaller than the usual garden bees we see here (about 1/2 the size of our largest bees). All shots of the same insect...
  8. Mark Etheridge

    Short-toed Larks - Greater vs Lesser (Europe)

    Superb John, thank you very much...:t:
  9. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    I'm afraid getting around the Yecla steppe area is a bit of a non-starter without a car - you could certainly get to Yecla itself by public transport but the 'interesting' area starts about 5kms to the north of the town and extends for some distance. The area is criss-crossed by minor roads and...
  10. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    Just outside the Alicante area (about an hour away along the Madrid motorway), the Yecla steppe area is very good for Golden Eagles, usually see at least one soaring over the surrounding mountains, and the whole area is excellent for birds generally. You ought to examine every eagle you see...
  11. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    He certainly is, Paul, and I'm now 1700 miles away! :C
  12. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    Some final notes before I go home this weekend! The 'Dry Hide' at the Clot de Galvany reserve is once again a reliable-ish site for Wryneck, birds seen on three out of five visits this week, also at least two Kingfishers seen on each visit. Although the flooded field along Camino del Hondo is...
  13. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    Went along to the flooded area this afternoon, and unfortunately it has now dried out - the only birds present were a few Cattle Egrets. One very noticeable aspect of this autumn's birding in the area is the high number of Kingfishers around the El Hondo area, also in the Clot de Galvany. Even...
  14. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    I'm back in the area for a 1 month visit and getting some good birding done. Bafty sent me a PM asking for details on the Temmincks Stint I have reported elsewhere, thought I'd share it with anyone here who may be planning a visit to Alicante in the near future. Some of you will be aware that...
  15. Mark Etheridge

    Birding in Alicante Province

    Hi Karl The visitor centre at El Hondo is a must see. I have attached a map with the rough directions from the centre of Catral, the nearest town. From Catral, go north to the roundabout at the end of the main street, and bear right towards the village of San Felip Neri. Continue through the...