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Recent content by Mark9473

  1. Mark9473

    relationship of meade and celestron (if any)?

    Meade was previously owned by Ningbo Sunny Electronic, except the European subsidiary which was sold to Bresser IIRC.
  2. Mark9473

    Brightness of 8x32 vs 10x42

    Making abstraction of the 10% brightness difference between a 4.2 mm and 4 mm exit pupil for dawn or dusk observations (i.e. your eye pupil being larger than 4.2 mm) you should keep in mind that the 10x42 view may not look brighter than that of the 8x32, but you will nevertheless have better...
  3. Mark9473

    Zeiss TL = Zeiss ED pocket?

    Jan, your information is a bit outdated, the Terra pocket models are now made in China.
  4. Mark9473

    I cannot See China bins!

    Joachim, I think you don't deal with lawyers often. ;-) It actually makes perfect sense to me. Up to 100% means sometimes/often it is less, but occasionally they hit 100%.
  5. Mark9473

    Kowa Binoculars 8x25 BD25-10GR

    I have the Kowa BD 8x25. I think they're nice binoculars giving a good image, and with just the right size and shape for comfortable handling despite being small and light. Quite good build quality. Nice compact pouch too that makes them easy to stow away in a bag or large coat pocket. The one...
  6. Mark9473

    Victory model between Dialyt & FL

    There's a story about the Victory redesign in the old Better View Desired archives, sadly the illustrations are broken now: https://www.cloudynights.com/BVD/Zeiss-Tries-Again-for-Victory.php
  7. Mark9473

    The Remarkable First Zeiss Conquests

    Thank you Canip. Less contrast kills the idea, I think.
  8. Mark9473

    The Remarkable First Zeiss Conquests

    There's a Conquest 8x50 that's been on eBay since forever. I know about the narrower FOV and the lower light transmission compared to later Zeiss binoculars, but other than that, how would this one rate compared to current 8x42 binoculars in the €1K price range?
  9. Mark9473

    Zeiss 10x54 HT impressions today

    No that is not how the HT diopter works. No pulling or locking involved.
  10. Mark9473

    NL Pure 8x32 and NL Pure 10x32!

    With an identical bridge connecting them, it is unavoidable that a pair of narrower tubes cannot open to as wide an IPD as a pair of wider tubes can.
  11. Mark9473

    Zeiss 10x54 HT and 8x42 SF - an informal review and first impressions

    Nice report, and a very interesting comparison. There isn't anymore the need for guessing the eye relief now that Pinac has objectively measured them all: 16 mm for the 8x42 SF : https://binocular.ch/zeiss-victory-sf-8x42/ 14 mm for the 10x54 HT : https://binocular.ch/zeiss-victory-ht-10x54/ I...
  12. Mark9473

    Simple Contrast/Comparison: Leica Trinovid HD vs Tract Toric UHD (10x42's)

    Leica's website says the Trinovid HD 10x42 are 113m/1000 m = 339ft/1000yds = 6.5°. CameraLand has the spec wrong.
  13. Mark9473

    Swarovksi SLC 10x56 versus Zeiss Victory HT 10x54

    If you don't mind a bit of reading, see here: http://www.scopeviews.co.uk/Swaro10x56SLC.htm http://www.scopeviews.co.uk/Zeiss10x54HT.htm
  14. Mark9473

    Looking for a good 10x42

    A Zeiss FL 10x42 has just appeared on eBay in Spain.
  15. Mark9473

    For 10x40BGA Dialyt owners only ...

    I never had the Dialyts but a friend at university bought one, end '80s. I was green with envy ;-) Very peculiar instrument, I often think about that first viewing session with it. It had massive angular magnification distortion; I'd never seen that before.