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Recent content by Maroon Jay

  1. Maroon Jay

    Could you eat a Robin? – The work of LIPU – BirdLife in Italy

    Not only in Italy. This goes on all around the Mediterranean, especially in Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Lebanon. Also in China. The Yellow-breasted bunting is a cute little bird that is Critically Endangered. It is Critically Endangered because the Chinese are eating them into extinction.
  2. Maroon Jay

    Mexico (west) - Nov / Dec 2021 (3 or 4 weeks)

    Mark Stackhouse, San Blas, Nayarit
  3. Maroon Jay

    Social Flycatcher Canopy Lodge Panama

    I believe it is. There are several species that look almost the same as you know but most of them have a black crown. The Social has a grey crown. A photo of the back of the head would be helpful. On some of the species, the white encircles the head, not just on the sides.
  4. Maroon Jay

    Mexico (west) - Nov / Dec 2021 (3 or 4 weeks)

    If you are heading to San Blas, I can recommend an excellent guide there. One of the best places in Mexico for birding. I saw more than 150 species in one week.
  5. Maroon Jay

    Hello, My name is Flo.

    Hi Flo. Hummingbirds are naturally aggressive and territorial. Surprising for such a small bird, but they are. Nothing you can do about it except get more feeders and spread them out, but there will be a limit as to how many you want in your yard. Even if you don't do that, the weaker ones...
  6. Maroon Jay

    Cyprus - suggestions wanted

    I used to live in Cyprus. Great place. It is on my list to go back when the virus is gone.
  7. Maroon Jay

    What countries or regions are good for solo birding?

    There are many countries you can bird without a guide although a guide would get you more sightings. You would pretty much have to rent a vehicle. Most of Europe is good. Australia is great but you need a lot of time; it is a big place. Other countries I have birded on my own include...
  8. Maroon Jay

    Immature water bird - Alberta Canada

    Thank you very much.
  9. Maroon Jay

    Immature water bird - Alberta Canada

    Sorry, I amended the title to show location. Central Alberta. No Tufted Ducks here.
  10. Maroon Jay

    Immature water bird - Alberta Canada

    Need help to ID this immature bird. It was alone. No parents looking after it. The only other birds within sight were a PIed-billed Grebe and a Mallard. It is some type of diving bird as it spent a lot of time underwater. I looked at many photos of immature Pied-billed Grebes and they all...
  11. Maroon Jay

    Canada, Alberta - Sparrow

    Agree with your analysis Avery. This is a difficult one indeed. I went with Song Spr due mostly to the lack of the buffy colour on the breast and also the eyering, although the colour of the eyering is difficult to determine in this photo as it is not sharp enough.
  12. Maroon Jay

    Canada, Alberta - Sparrow

    I would say Song Spr. The eye-ring, malar and breast on Lincolns are a buffy yellowish colour. Song Sprs are variable but mostly white and brown.
  13. Maroon Jay

    Birding Bucket List

    The ones I want to see and the ones I want to photograph are the same. 1. Harpy Eagle 2. Secretary Bird 3. Shoebill 4. King Penguin 5. Hoopoe 6. Bluethroat Ooops, that's six. My favourite ones that I have already seen are: 1. Southern Cassowary 2. Several species of eagles and hawks. 3...
  14. Maroon Jay

    Pelee or Rondeau spring 2022?

    I think Pelee would get you more species. Ebird records a lot more sightings at Point Pelee than Rondeau. From Pelee you can also visit Hillman Marsh and Wheatly Provincial Park which are not far away. I can recommend a local birder with a vehicle who would guide you for a lot less than a...
  15. Maroon Jay

    What type of sparrow is this? - Alberta, Canada

    Lincoln Sparrow I think.