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Recent content by Mask of Porro

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    Top Porro Prism Bins?

    I have both the 7x and 10x habicht's in GA. they are amazing. I also have a Steiner Nighthunter 10x50. It is exceptional and has THE BEST eye cups of any bino I've ever used. I'd imagine the Steiner 8x56 Nighthunter/shadow quest available today is also top notch value
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    Thoughts ? on Binocular Colors

    Habicht GA green.
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    What did you see in your binoculars today?

    This morning I watched a pied currawong feed a juvenile channel billed cuckoo bigger than itself. Habicht 10x40GA
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    Binocular restoration

    what bino?
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    The Fujinon FMTR-SX 10x50 is the Big Aperture Habicht you have been dreaming about!

    I agree. However I don't think we will see that when people line up at the door like a boxing day sale to pay multi-$K for an alpha roof. Why would they make a better product and charge less. Even if the profit margin was the same they would have to sell more volume to make up the difference...
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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    no it doesn't. 7x42 FOV [email protected] 10x40 FOV [email protected] everyone raves on about the small FOV that the 7x42 has yet the 10x40 is smaller still. do you refer to FOV to magnification ratio or something?
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    NZBinodude- your going to love the habicht. i'd love to hear your thoughts of it vs the NL.
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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

    hunting was a thing in Europe before birding? i mean the habichts have been around since 1947
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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

    What Dennis said I agree with. They are great for hunting. The stiff focuser is a non issue because beyond 50m I don't need to use it.
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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

    NZbinodude- my 7x42's shows some glare in extreme circumstances but they are very good. Don't think that glare doesn't exist with them because it does. I wouldn't hesitate with the 10x's. They would be ideal for alpine hunting. I plan on getting a 10x myself for that purpose. Hopefully I can...
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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

    I bought a pair a few months ago and I couldn't be happier. the image is spectacularly sharp and bright, are rugged and will outlast you. As mentioned, you could subdue your enemy with them. the depth of field is such that I find myself not using the focuser much beyond 50m. as a hunting bino...
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    ha ha ha. too true3:-)
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    Fashion is for ladies and handbags. Those NZ mountains care not for what you gear looks like. ;)
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    I've come to the same conclusion. I like simple Porro's. For all the advancement in technology in roof design it seems that it still isn't enough to overcome the inherent disadvantages of roof's vs Porro's. Phase correction, less reflections etc. "Nothing is so simple that it can't be...