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Recent content by Matt_RTH

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    How Many Pairs of Binoculars do you Have?

    Awesome story, Stephen B!
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    Vortex Viper 65 HD vs Nikon Fieldscope III 60 non-ED?

    I have not used the Vortex but I will say I have used several mid-grade, Japanese scopes and always prefer a quality ED model over a non-ED model mainly because of color fringe. The primary question is what you want to improve over the Fieldscope? The Nikon is every bit as good as the non-ED...
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    Mixed flock, Death Valley National Park, California.

    Hey Keep your eyes opened for sightings at Ballona Wetlands, which is not too far from you as they seem to show there. Of course I saw more than I could count up at San Luis NWR. Matt
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    Am I Blue & Flycatcher - So Cal May

    Any other thoughts on this flycatcher? Migration is still in swing here though tapering off - I just saw an American Robin today, plenty of Orioles and a passel of Western Tanagers this week, just to name a few.
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    Am I Blue & Flycatcher - So Cal May

    The flycatcher on the thicker branch (looking to its left) was the one up hill at different part of trail. The first two FC pics are positively the same bird, if that helps. I figured they were close enough to share pics of both but nothing definitive to say they're the same.
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    Am I Blue & Flycatcher - So Cal May

    First photo shown here is the same flycatcher at a different angle. The second photo is potentially the same bird, but it was significantly up hill and at a different part of the trail. But it was similar enough I thought I'd add. Now is that 2nd one an Olive-Sided?
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    Am I Blue & Flycatcher - So Cal May

    Long shots here but worth a shot. Picture 1 appears to be a lone Western Bluebird. But what's unusual about this bird is that it is especially plain compared to other Westerns I've seen. I have Western Bluebirds in my immediate area almost year-round so I see them often but this seems to be...
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    Swarovision 8x32

    I thought I had seen something along those lines. I don't know what those curves on the Swaro site really are saying but it seems dubious that the former flagship product would have that much of a disparity. I wonder if these are "marketing curves". I'd love to hear more analysis of those...
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    weaknesses of the swaro EL 8x32

    I have both the 8x32 EL and the 8.5x42 SV. First, looking at 8x32s, I consider the non-HD 8x32 Leica UV slightly superior to the EL 8x32 in both CA and focus smoothness (despite the focuser issues in the non-HD 42 and alleged 32 mm models). The diff in CA is extremely small, but there. I try...
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    Please help me to choose! Nikon Fieldscope ED82 or Celestron Regal 100?

    In terms of weight, I've gone down quite a path. I went up to the aforementioned 100mm, decided I needed to keep light. The ED82 is very on par in the weight department. Bottom line is I can carry almost any scope, but life is too short for that! It's unfortunate such the difference in Kowa...
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    Please help me to choose! Nikon Fieldscope ED82 or Celestron Regal 100?

    I've owned both the Nikon ED82 and the Regal 100mm (two copies). My first reaction to the question are in such different leagues to put them in the same race is almost absurd. Optically, as I said before in earlier posts, the Regal is quite decent. I didn't find anything to complain about for...
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    Eagle Optics Ranger 10x42mm

    I really respect EO as a company as they are second to none in customer service. I used an earlier version Ranger in 8x32 for about 2 yrs. It was great but by current standards it had excessive chromatic aberration, and was dim compared to other 8x32 due to their coatings, I would imagine. They...
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    Measurements and Tests of Zen-Ray 10x43 ED3

    Wow, amazing thread! Nice going, Henry.
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    10x42 slc-neu HD

    Thank you, Bob! +1
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    Binoculars in literature

    Sun Also Rises as well - during bullfight, I believe. I was hoping Hemingway would review the optical qualities of said glass as part of the story.