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Recent content by Maturin

  1. Maturin

    Western Reef or Little Egret, Eilat North Beach, Israel (13.03. & 20.03.)

    Thank you for your reply, Steve! Isn't the various amount of dark feathering normally a sign for a juvenile white morph? Wouldn't that only exclude a 1st W? I think the size is a rather difficult attribute too since Western Reef overlaps fully with Little Egret. Even 'big' individuals would be...
  2. Maturin

    Western Reef or Little Egret, Eilat North Beach, Israel (13.03. & 20.03.)

    Here are a few photos of a heron we stumbled across at Eilat North Beach. Pics 1 and 2 are from 13.03. and 3-5 from 20.03. (showing presumably the same bird). At first glance we thought it to be a Little Egret because of the darkness and coloration of its legs and bill although we had some minor...
  3. Maturin

    Strange raptor in Bremen, Germany

    While preparing a report I stumbled across these two images of a raptor taken in July last year. The bird was seen perching on a post and while I was buisy with my projekt lapwings the bird flew off unseen. Any guesses? I think the jizz and color is kind of strange and common buzzard and...
  4. Maturin

    Handbook of Western Palearctic birds

    Does anybody know if it's planned to translate the books into other languages? Personally I'm not afraid to read english books but I'd prefer to buy one in German.
  5. Maturin

    Another redpolls - arctic ?

    Same opinion here. The fact that these "species" blend into one another both phenotypically and even more aggravating genetically doesn't help much with this problem. If you however have to make a decision on one of these birds and somehow can't state them as Acanthis sp. I would personally go...
  6. Maturin

    “Countability” of Bar-headed Geese in the Netherlands

    In Gemany Black Swan is countable since it's date of establishment (2004) Other naturalised (therefore countable) species include: Swan Goose f. domestica (estab. 2016, only population around Heidelberg) Bar-headed Goose (estab. 2005) Snow goose (estab. 2011, population around Neuss) Canada...
  7. Maturin

    Nightjar in Pernambuco, Brazil

    Thank you for the helpful suggestions. :-)
  8. Maturin

    Nightjar in Pernambuco, Brazil

    Here's propably a tricky one. Found this nightjar a few years back (April 2011) on a rocky hill in the Caatinga of northern central Pernambuco. I wondered about the species for a long time now. The second photo depicts the habitat. Any idea?
  9. Lesser Redpoll (Acanthis cabaret)

    Lesser Redpoll (Acanthis cabaret)

  10. Maturin

    Redpolls, Poland

    Hey Opisska, with it's intense streaking on the flanks and good visible undertail streak I'd go for flammea for this one. The second one looks really good for Arctic. No streaking on a pure white rump, no visible streaking on the undertail coverts, really sparse streaking on the flanks, tiny...
  11. Eurasian Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum)

    Eurasian Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium passerinum)

  12. Red Crossbill yawning

    Red Crossbill yawning

  13. Maturin

    Two cream-colored Passerines, Lesvos, Greece

    Thanks again - the descriptions made things a bit clearer. I saw a pair of adult Subalpine Warblers nearby and with the described features the determination seems very plausible. No couch-lifer for me today.
  14. Maturin

    Two cream-colored Passerines, Lesvos, Greece

    Thank you for the fast reply! Should be a juvenile Subalpine then. Which of the features did lead you to this conclusion and how are other possible warblers ruled out?
  15. Maturin

    Two cream-colored Passerines, Lesvos, Greece

    I spotted these birds in a shrub near Megalochori (southern part of Lesvos, Greece) in late July. To be honest I wasn't aware that there were two birds until I looked at my Photos. My guesses are below (Highlight to see the text) but I'm not 100% sure about ruling out other warblers. 1. Common...