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Recent content by mb1848

  1. mb1848

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2022

    Thank you Paul and Will. Seems like Thick-billed all over again. I did not have a vote but I would have chosen Lilian's. Young bird people hate white rich women who were honored because they were some white rich men's relative. She did not have the option to change her society and become an...
  2. mb1848

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2022

    Yes. New bird for me. This is discussed here: https://www.aba.org/2022-splits-and-lumps-with-nick-block/ . Around minute 18 in. We know it passed because a survey of bird people was sent out discussing common names?
  3. mb1848

    Identity of Dampier's Petrel

    In 1743 Edwards gave Latin names for his birds. Part I & II - A natural history of uncommon birds - Biodiversity Heritage Library . In 1776 Carolus Linne gave scientific names of these birds. A catalogue of the birds, beasts, fishes, insects, plants, &c. contained in Edwards's natural history in...
  4. mb1848

    Identity of Dampier's Petrel

    Edwards lists great black peteril, white and black spotted peteril, and little peteril. 89 and 90 drawings.
  5. mb1848


    Whew I apply facts to codes to make money but I am confused. I was wondering if Drapiez using again Muscipeta obscura Drap. in 1837 adds anything? (Zool. VII 1837 48) Which I cannot find. sec.2:pt.18=pp.4451-4690 [O Nigrum-Pallens] - Index animalium - Biodiversity Heritage Library . And again in...
  6. mb1848


    I like Aenopogon . Bd.46=Heft.6-10 (1862) - Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Classe - Biodiversity Heritage Library . And Aenobarbus Temm., as listed by Richmond. v.53=no.2194-2222 (1917) [Lacks:Pl.52] - Proceedings of the United...
  7. mb1848

    Chaetura gierrae Oustalet, 1890

    Thank you Bjorn and Laurent. I found the drawing very life like although from a dead skin. This reminds me of the work of Joseph Wolf, “Wolf depicted animals accurately in lifelike postures.” Wolf was working for Kaup in Darmstadt and “Kaup was impressed by his abilities and took one of Wolf's...
  8. mb1848

    Chaetura gierrae Oustalet, 1890

    Thank you Bjorn. For finding Westerman. I really like the drawing. I was wondering if you think this was drawn from life at the Zoo in Amsterdam or a specimen? Thank you Laurent for the book showing the title page to Tweede part dated 1851. The Brill website is not right I think. Deignan in...
  9. mb1848

    Eriocnemis godini (Bourcier, 1851)

    What did they want? At least she got a bird named after her. t.1-2; Index (1850; 1865) - Conspectus generum avium - Biodiversity Heritage Library .
  10. mb1848

    Ptilinopus leclancheri gironieri (J. Verreaux & Des Murs, 1862) and others

    A book mentions his birrth as 30 thermidor an V in footnote 2612. Ces messieurs de Nantes Tome 2 de L ˆ Z .
  11. mb1848

    Chaetura gierrae Oustalet, 1890

    Laurent mentioned that the one bird named for Revoil is a synonym of Macheiramphus alcinus. Which is listed as authored by Bonaparte in 1850. Macheiramphus alcinus Bonaparte 1850 Rev.Mag.Zool.(2) 2 p.482. The last line of a page from a 1861 book says the genus is spelled differently and the...
  12. mb1848

    Chaetura gierrae Oustalet, 1890

    Here are two OD of Revoil birds. Zoonomen has the Merops slightly wrong. Faune et flore des pays Çomalis (Afrique orientale) - Biodiversity Heritage Library . ser.7:t.5-6 (1880-1882) - Bulletin de la Société philomathique de Paris - Biodiversity Heritage Library .
  13. mb1848

    Chaetura gierrae Oustalet, 1890

    Revoil was a collector in Somaliland. Bulletin du Muséum national d'histoire naturelle . Could Ch. stand for Chez?
  14. mb1848

    Chaetura gierrae Oustalet, 1890

    Snakes of the World call him A . Type: Holotype, MNHN 1897.24, a 469 mm specimen (A. Gierra, 1895). Type locality: “Tanga, dans l'Afrique orientale alle- mande” [= Tanzania]. Also called M. L. Gierra. Bulletin . Page 79. M. L. master linguist?
  15. mb1848


    Yes Peter 1945 v.5 (1945) - Check-list of birds of the world - Biodiversity Heritage Library .