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Recent content by McMadd

  1. McMadd

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Already done in the "rares" madhouse...a grand total of zero it seems https://www.birdforum.net/threads/siberian-house-martin.406997/
  2. McMadd

    Siberian Chiffchaff

    We'd both have several new species then I reckon...when is a dialect a new species indicator...?
  3. McMadd

    Lynx joins with Cornell

    For info you can access the original HBW texts still if you subscribe to the new thing...hidden nicely under the "Revisions" section as shown in the first screenshot. Not ideal but at least they are somewhere. As for the species accounts...oh dear...the American-centric-ness really has to...
  4. McMadd

    18 months in Shanghai: March 2012 - August 2013

    Putting this back on front page to save me a mouse click or two
  5. McMadd

    10 new bird taxa described from Indonesia

    Bird tour company kills birds to deny clients chance to see birds...?
  6. McMadd

    New split for North Africa : Maghreb Wood Owl

    and here's the thread I started for "most Imperialistic comment on another thread"...oh wait...couldn't be bothered...
  7. McMadd

    ABA Big Year 2019

    Already one been done by Tong Menxui a couple of years back now...
  8. McMadd

    HBW and BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist v4

    You'd end up with "Birdy McBirdface" or the attached if you let the public loose... ;) Have a guess why I started this thread... https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=384106
  9. McMadd

    Lynx joins with Cornell

    No, accounts linked and agreed today migration (I want to see what it comes out like in eBird)...I'm talking about invitations to stuff like this "I hope you can join me at the San Diego Bird Festival "...or ID courses, all with US bias...at least filter their send list by region or country...
  10. McMadd

    Lynx joins with Cornell

    Freeze on entering new stuff to Lynx BUT constant ******* spam from Cornell...way to got to lose me at least you
  11. McMadd

    Christmas Day birding in UK?

    Tory rag wants content for free...
  12. McMadd

    White-rumped Sandpiper

    Not got BB to hand but do I recall a mention in the Rares issue species account?
  13. McMadd

    Lynx joins with Cornell

    Not sure how much use a free access to BNA is to this non-US based birder...and one not likely to visit under the current political stewardship... More concerned how my migrated lists from HBW will look in eBird...data migration is always fun...wonder if they'll spot the booby traps I've laid...