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Recent content by mdb2

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    Canon 10s or new epson

    My problem is not jpg or raw it’s a printing problem. My Canon 10s won’t print a panorama ie 16:9 larger than A3. It needs me to pay for photoshop. And even then it’s still restrictive. The Epsom can go much longer in landscape. But do I have to use a certain program (photoshop or other) or is...
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    Canon 10s or new epson

    My panoramas are complete but I cannot print them on my Canon 10s in a panorama format ie 16. 9 over A3 unless I join photoshop. Even getting photoshop it’s still very restrictive. Has anyone used the Epsom 7700?. And does it have to be using photoshop? Is it standalone? Mike
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    Canon 10s or new epson

    I have a collection of Panamas now built up. Alas my Canon 10s doesn’t do panoramas, I refuse to subscribe to adobe, which will go some way towards alleviating the situation. Seems that unless I subscribe to adobe the Canon is useless, which is a shame as the printer is fantastic, so was...
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    Canon 10x30 IS stabilised binocular sticky covers

    I have had a dispute with canon over this same subject with my 12x36mk2. Although out of warranty they seemed to be implying that they were not aware of any such problems with the coatings. After many emails with some with estimate of £400 to repair or a new replacement pair with 25% discount, I...
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    Bog orchid new forest

    Thanks for your imput, the locally more common species were in profusion at my local sites.(N/Hampshire) which was good as my excercise regime during lockdown. Now being allowed further afield thought I would try the New Forest. Mike
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    Bog orchid new forest

    Having trouble this year in new forest not in usual places is it too late???
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    12x36 with glasses

    Sorry I have no experience of wearing glasses whilst using my 12x36mk2. But I have had a bad experience just lately with Canon not accepting that the coating on my bins is going very sticky, and I am sorely disappointed with there customer care, I therefore rejected their offer of a repair...
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    Canon 10s printer

    Print studio pro, I have this downloaded within the my image garden in canon utilities and as a plugin on my MacBook Pro 2018. However it never opens ( print studio pro) is it because I do not use adobe.? When printing I can use my image garden but not print studio pro. I’ve twice got in touch...
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    Ochid Id Please

    Thanks again for further ID. Kind regards Mike
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    Orchid Id Please #2

    Apologies for the delay in thanking yo for the ID just got back from a trip to Scotland. Kind regards Mike
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    Ochid Id Please

    Last few please no1 Croatia high up no2 Croatia high up no3 By the side of Loch arkraig no4 By the side of Loch arkraig thank you
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    Orchid Id Please #2

    Hi just cleaning up various libraries ready for the new season please help with ID no1 Suffolk no2 Suffolk no3 western Scotland by the side of loch Arkraig no4 Croatia High ground no5 croatia high ground
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    British Dragonflies 2017

    Large red damselfly Quite a few seen yesterday in north Hampshire Kind regards Mike
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    FT-lenses on E-M1 Mk II

    Hi Dan, that's a great write up! I have been holding back on purchasing the mk2 I am still with the mk1. I have also been using the meta/siggy 500f4.5 combo and it is great but heavy. I have arranged a test and wow for the mk2 to try it out with my OLY 300f4, which is super sharp! Like many...
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    On-line back-up of photos

    Hi I have read somewhere that amazon is at a good price ( free) when you pay for their annual delivery service. Kind regards mike.