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Recent content by melanerpes

  1. melanerpes

    Info needed for Moab, Utah--Arches NP

    Check www.utahbirds.org. It has extensive information on Utah birding. For Moab try the Grand County section. (http://www.utahbirds.org/counties/grand/index.html)
  2. melanerpes

    Vortex Razor

    Have you contacted Vortex? HawkD, I'd be really interested to know if you ever contacted Vortex directly in regard to this problem and what their response was.
  3. melanerpes

    Vortex Razor

    You should definitely call Vortex. They have a no-fault guarantee and I'm sure would do something about the focus knob if you let them know. I mentioned earlier that mine was not as smooth as other bins but it certainly is not as bad as you describe. It's not even difficult to turn; it's...
  4. melanerpes


    Pileated Perhaps not any state. I know you would be hard-pressed to find them in Utah.
  5. melanerpes

    Vortex Razor

    My New Vortex Razors I received my new Vortex Razors (8x) yesterday and have spent about an hour with them. I’m very pleased with my purchase ($700) and expect that they will serve my birding needs admirably. My initial impressions follow: The view is bright and the focus is sharp with...
  6. melanerpes

    Best bins below £250

    I think this would let you try the MODEL you buy, but not the actual PAIR you will buy.
  7. melanerpes

    Paperback Birding Books...Best Reads.

    Parrot without a Name by Don Stap is excellent. Stap chronicles and expedition to Peruvian cloud forest on which a new species is discovered.
  8. melanerpes

    Pentax binos reviews

    My experience was different Interesting. I've owned a pair of the Pentax DCF WP's for several years and been very pleased with them. I've lately considered replacing them and have tested a number of high-ed binos -- Nikon, Leica, Ziess and Swarovski. The high-end binos were marginally better...
  9. melanerpes

    Lifelist Software

    I think Avisys is an excellent program.
  10. melanerpes

    Anyone using listing software on Palm?

    Avisys I have not used it on Palm but have had Avisys 5 since it came out and find it works very well for me.
  11. melanerpes

    Very difficult ones to ID

    Indigo Bunting How did you rule out House Finch for the second bird?
  12. melanerpes

    BWPi available in the US?

    Does anyone know if Birds of the Western Palearctic Interactive is available in the United States?
  13. melanerpes

    Cornell U: An Unbiased Review site

    Bino reviews The Cornell review article may not have been scientifically rigorous but if I'm in the market for binoculars, I want as much information as possible. In their review process they let a lot of people look through a lot of binoculars and found out what they thought. I may not agree...
  14. melanerpes

    Long shot, but Utah County anyone??

    Nope, I'm also from Utah County (Provo) but am very new on BF so I don't know if there are others.
  15. melanerpes

    Pentax dcf SP

    Pentax DCF SP vs older DCF WP I have two questions regarding the Pentax DCF series. First, I have been very pleased with my DCF WPs but recently the dioptre seems out of adjustment. I now have to turn it all the way clockwise and the right eye is still just enough out of focus to be annoying...