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Recent content by Mike Richardson

  1. Mike Richardson

    The Great Escape, Namibia.

    Enjoying the report Jos. I agree that Mahango is a magical place, especially as other visitors can be few, and you're free to leave the vehicle when safe . The monkeys in this part of Namibia are actually Malbrouck’s Monkey (Chlorocebus cynosures). Vervet Monkey occurs slightly further south.
  2. Mike Richardson

    Dead bat in Barbados

    I have no references to hand, but it's certainly one of the free-tailed bats. Not sure how many species occur in Barbados but you should be able to narrow it down to a few species at least. Edit: After a very quick google search, I would suggest the species is Molossus molossus.
  3. Mike Richardson

    John's Mammals 2020

    There is a Vienna Hamsters Facebook group which are pretty helpful if you DM them for information. I contacted them last April and the hamsters were already out of hibernation. I would guess they are active well into autumn so the window of opportunity to photograph them is quite large. There...
  4. Mike Richardson

    Gazelle Identification - Israel

    All these are Dorcas Gazelles, which can be identified on location alone. Mountain Gazelles do not occur that far south, while the remaining Acacia Gazelle (formally a subspecies of Mountain Gazelle) only survive in a large fenced reserve near Yotvata.
  5. Mike Richardson

    Snake in Cape Town botanical gardens

    It's a Puff Adder (Bitis arietans), a snake I never tire of seeing when I visit SA.
  6. Mike Richardson

    Ohio bird cam ground feeder (at night) request id please

    It's a Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana)
  7. Mike Richardson

    Mouse from Cuba

    Looks good for House Mouse to me
  8. Mike Richardson

    Herps. from WS/Morroco

    For the lizard yes. The taxonomy is a little out of date, but it remains the only decent herp guide to the area. I'm interested to find out how you did with the mammals. I'm heading to WS in a couple of weeks (my second visit) and I'm hoping for Golden Wolf and better views of the polecat.
  9. Mike Richardson

    Herps. from WS/Morroco

    I think the frog is Saharan Green Frog (Pelophylax saharicus). Not sure with the lizard as I don't have any books to hand. EDIT: I'm pretty sure you're correct with the lizard ID now I've checked with my field guide.
  10. Mike Richardson

    Antelope ID, South Africa

    I would say Common Duiker.
  11. Mike Richardson

    "Mouse" ID, Namibia

    A decent field guide certainly helps. I would recommend 'Stuarts' Field Guide to Mammals of Southern Africa (including Angola, Zambia and Malawi)' by Chris and Mathilde Stuart. Just make sure you get the updated revision.
  12. Mike Richardson

    "Mouse" ID, Namibia

    The head/body of Desert Pygmy Mouse is 6cm at most. They have a tail shorter than body length, and a patch of white hair at the base of each ear. They also have a very round body shape. In my opinion the animal in your photo looks much more like Micaelamys namaquensis or Aethomys chrysophilus...
  13. Mike Richardson

    Mongoose ID, southern Africa?

    I am pretty sure that the animal in the first image is a Slender Mongoose. Even if I saw it in a rocky outcrop in the middle of the range of Black (Kaokoland) Mongoose, I would still be happy with Slender. For comparison there are some nice images of Black Mongoose taken by my friend in the...
  14. Mike Richardson

    Mongoose ID, southern Africa?

    I would agree with Dwarf Mongoose for the second animal. I think the first is a Slender (albeit a dark phase). Black Mongoose taxonomy is very confusing although the IUCN do now treat it as a different species from Slender. The range of the true Black Mongoose (Galerella nigrata) is unclear and...
  15. Mike Richardson

    "Mouse" ID, Namibia

    It's definitely a mouse (not a gerbil etc). Without any books to hand I would say either Namaqua Rock Rat or Red Veld Rat (both should be in range) and are very similar. I wouldn't rule out Desert Pygmy Mouse just yet but do you have any memory of how large the mouse was? As their name...