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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

Recent content by milvusmilvus

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    Zeiss deltrintem date of manufacture

    Thank you very much Bino Steve. I’ll follow your advice. Any suggestions for an appropriate grease?
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    Zeiss deltrintem date of manufacture

    Yes, it works! Thank you very much for sharing such a valuable information.
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    Zeiss deltrintem date of manufacture

    Thank you very much Foss! I will post some pictures when I receive them. I bought them from a second hand online shop and I wasn’t expecting them to be that old 😀. Anyhow, they seem to be in mint condition and it was a controlled risk as they were not too expensive. I was willing to play a...
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    Zeiss deltrintem date of manufacture

    Hi all, Just another Zeiss dating post. I would appreciate your help. I have the opportunity to purchase a mint condition deltrintem with 2925502 serial number. Before asking for help I have been searching both birdforum and the internet without success. The “Europe.com” domain is for sale and...
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    Swarovski service for 8x20 pocket

    Following this thread Impresive Leica service for my 18 years old Trinovid 8x20 BCA I report now the service experience with Swarovski. My wife's binoculars developed some permanent foggin on one of the tubes after 18 years of purchase. Not long after the purchase the hinges where too loose to...
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    Impresive Leica service for my 18 years old Trinovid 8x20 BCA

    Hello everyone. More or less 20 years ago my wife and I started this wonderfull hobby of birdwatching. Two years after that we both decided to upgrade our 10X25 Tasco for something better. For that time big alphas where out of reach for us, so we decided on two pocket binos of reputable names...
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    Leitz 8x20 C adjustments

    Hello Hadron, I have a Leica trinovid 8x20. The caps on the axels didn’t last that much and came off by themselves. They where glued with black caulking. Under the caulking l, that you will have to remove completely, you will find a slotted brass nut surrounding a screw just to fix it in place...
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    VPA adapter

    Hello. Yes, you can. I use it with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and the camera hole is big enough for the camera lens. Regards.
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    Fieldscope ED III - A Prism housing play

    Hello, Robert. Thank you very much for the answer. All the prisms part of the scope moves, but can be told as the movement is outside, as the prisms doesn't rattles. I'll contact Nikon Spain to see what to do, because the scope is second hand. Regards.
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    Fieldscope ED III - A Prism housing play

    Hello. I've just purchased a Nikon Fieldscope ED III - A, with a 30x wf eyepiece. The image quality is amazing, and I'm quite happy with it but, after a week "playing" with it I have realized that prism housing has play. This piece moves from the end of focusing knob until eyepiece, no more...
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    Should Zeiss Qk aptr be 'loose' ?

    You are welcome, Steve. I wish you a lucky begining on digiscoping. Best regards.
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    Should Zeiss Qk aptr be 'loose' ?

    Hello, Steve. I'm not sure I have understood your question. I have a quick camera adapter and I have checked two things. If you mean camera's plate can be moved longitudinally, lets say, from behind the scope towards the scope, in my adapter this doesn´t happend. Then I have unthightened the...
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    Are Inova X5 or XO torches any good for nocturnal birding?

    Hello. I own a Inova X5, and it is light and, compared to a 2D Maglite, is produces more light. It uses CR123 lithium batteries that are quite expensive. I also have a Surefire Lumamax L2. The power is amazing, but at full power (it has two light levels) batteries don't last more than an hour...
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    Nikon Fieldscope IIED vs Minox 62 W ED

    No, I haven't, but sometimes I have visited some UK webs and i'm very amazed with the prices of some of them, say w/express. I think optics prices are lower in the UK because there is a lot of people there who likes birds. Here in Spain we are not to many. The offer an demand law. Although...
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    Nikon Fieldscope IIED vs Minox 62 W ED

    Thank you for your replys. I know that a 60mm scope is not the best scope for digiscoping, but when I don't want to carry my zeiss, I want to have the possibility of digiscoping with my other scope. Don´t you think 50mm scopes are to small for digiscoping? The nikon fieldcope ED II (not III)...