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Recent content by MJB

  1. MJB

    North worcestershire, small bird, pink breast, brown and white feathers

    It must have been going at a helluva speed to break that pot...! MJB:oops::oops::oops:
  2. MJB

    Latest IOC diary updates

    Sep 22 Post proposed split of Qilian Bluetail from Red-flanked Bluetail. Sep 22 Post proposed split of Taiwan Bush Robin from White-browed Bush Robin. Sep 22 Post proposed split of Northern Red-fronted Tinkerbird from (Southern) Red-fronted Tinkerbird. Sep 22 Post proposed split of Northern...
  3. MJB


    A singleton today, foraging along the cliffs this morning at Overstrand, Norfolk, at some 20-30 metres above the Clifftop Café, 0908-0918. MJB
  4. MJB

    Tayforth Birding

    A coup[le of decades ago, I had a passage of 250+ Little Gulls at this time of year at Arbroath, seen from the top of the ramp opposite the Cliffs Car Park. MJB
  5. MJB

    No eBird Taxonomy update this year (2022)?

    Some reasons for the uncertainty could be the undescribed population in China, revealed by genetic research, and the ground-nesting population along the Red Sea. MJB
  6. MJB

    Introductions question

    Tree Sparrows are also street sparrows in eastern Brandenburg from Cottbus north to Schwedt... MJB
  7. MJB

    any update about birding in Jordan?

    Oooops! You've still dipped out on the Morocco one; that's now Saharan Scrub Warbler Scotocerca saharae... A reduced Streaked Scrub Warbler S. inquieta now occurs from eastern Egypt to many points east. MJB
  8. MJB

    Visiting Prague

    The Lobkowitz Gardens can be good birding, for example Hawfinch and Middle Spotted Woodpecker. They are about 1km SW from the western end of the Charles Bridge, quite extensive as you can see from Google Earth. Just to the north of the gardens is the Hradcany Palace. MJB
  9. MJB

    Loon? Greece, Island of Hydra

    Probably so, although it does resemble (thin, long bill, uptilted head) an African Darter, whose nearest population is about 1500 miles away in the Red Sea, but it is a vagrant to Israel (Israel Birding Portal), some 750 miles distant. If it were an African Darter, the nearest sizable bird...
  10. MJB


    One possible explanation is that the shorter-distance migrants, like those that breed in Cyprus, tend not to have an extended breeding season due to the hottest times of the year, and often have their non-breeding area not so far south as middle-distance and long-distance migrants...
  11. MJB

    Heard this yesterday evening. Can't identify it app said it's a robin but it's way too loud

    The first three round where I live started singing pretty loudly two days ago, which is earlier than usual since I would expect the moult to go on for at least another week. MJB
  12. MJB

    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    The image is reversed, judging by the lettering and numerals... MJB
  13. MJB

    New edition of FĂ„gelguiden (Collins Bird Guide).

    I wondered if Killian wanted to include some of the data and illustrations from Mullarney & Campbell 2022 on ID separation of Little and Saunders' Terns? The latter has a small population in the Red Sea, Habib 2021 thus breeding in the WP. MJB Habib, MI. 2021. Surveys of breeding Sooty Gulls on...
  14. MJB

    AOU-NACC Proposals 2022

    It's possible that stejnegeri may be closely related to przewalskii in which case this species would take name S. przewalskii on priority grounds. MJB
  15. MJB

    Black Woodpecker in the UK

    I've found an almost certainly unreliable listing of Black Woodpecker under the English name of Great Black Woodpecker and scientific name of Picus martius in Henry Stevenson's1864 A list of the Birds of Norfolk, with remarks on the general Ornithology of the County. It's a 10-page reprint from...