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Recent content by MJS WARLORD

  1. my favorite newbie shot

    my favorite newbie shot

  2. my new family

    my new family

    Taken near chesterfield england
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    90D manual focus

    Thanks for your reply , since posting here I have seen others post the same question on other forums , apparently what I described with regards to half shutter press , this is supposed to happen. I "borrowed" this from somewhere else it more or less says same as you have said. At least I know...
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    90D manual focus

    Hello , This may seem a silly question but does the canon 90D have some sort of function where it can put manual focus to sleep. I have 2 canon EF/STM lens and 2 EF/USM lens. and the same thing is happening with all 4 lens. I manually focus on the subject i am going to take a photo of and then...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Learning for to use my new gear'

    Thanks to all for your feed back , the photo was taken in between the swans taking a break from sitting on the eggs. The head was wet because the swan was pulling up reeds to top up the nest.
  6. Learning for to use my new gear

    Learning for to use my new gear

    Chesterfield England Canon 90d and 100-400 F5.6 shutter 1/1000 ISO 400 manual focus look at water drops on neck
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    Where have all the birds gone.

    Hello to everyone I live a few miles north of chesterfield in England. I only have a small garden but I have lots of bird feeders. I could probably make a list of about 15 different garden birds range from the tiny jenny wren and dunnock , right up to a male and female sparrow hawk who are...
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    uploading photos here

    Hello occasional , if you read my original thread you will see that I am a newbie to high tech camera gear , that said , I don't think your suggestion would work because it would have to get onto the site in the first place for this to happen and that was my problem ! I kept getting told the...
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    uploading photos here

    Thanks for all your feedback i found out yesterday that their is a photo package on the canon website and all you have to do is put in the serial number of the camera. It has a fuction that lets you reduce a photo from say 12mb down to 1.2mb on the 1600 x 1200 setting. For the time being that...
  10. what would the prime minister say

    what would the prime minister say

    They are not 1 metre apart ! canon 90d 100-400 at 100 setting. f4.5 1/320 iso 320
  11. 2nd of 3 newbie photos

    2nd of 3 newbie photos

    i am slowly getting to grips with my first proper set up , I am making myself learn manual because I found out that not all options in menus are accessible in auto mode such as monochrome and 16.9 format. 90d with 100-400 , f8 , 1/1000 iso 200 , my first but not very good try at in flight multi...
  12. first of 3 noobie photos

    first of 3 noobie photos

    taken using canon 90d and 100-400 zoom F5.6 1/250 iso 250 , 10 frames a second setting to get water drops from mouth. converted and resaved using canon software so it would be small enough in memory to post here. The next 2 photos you see by me will also have been converted.
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    progress of a newbie

    Hello to all i am in the united kingdom. Some of you may have seen photos posted by me in the past taken from a bushnell wildlife camera trap. Just over a year ago i lost the best friend and workmate i could ever wish for , she was only 55 years old. Since then i have said stuff the cost of...
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    uploading photos here

    Some of you know that I have posted photos here from a bushnell camera trap without any problems. Over the past year I have lost a lot of close friends so I thought stuff the cost I am getting my first proper set up. I got all canon gear , a 90d body , a 50mm f1.4 and a 100-400mm zoom. I got...
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    advice on settings please

    thanks for reply dave , I have booked a jessops beginner course but its not for another 5 weeks , plenty of time to play around I guess.