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Recent content by MobiusX

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    What grass seeds is safe for birds?

    I bought my first bird feeding station in 2016. I decided to take it off now. I haven't used it for months now. During the fall and winter I used ground bird feeders instead. But this can only work during fall and winter when the grass isn't being cut. All the bird feeding station did was cause...
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    Why are they making ground feeders using this material?

    They are now making them using a recycled plastic that is called poly lumber or similar material that if you look closely has small pieces of this plastic that easily comes off and continues to come off and ends up on the bird food which birds can easily end up eating it..... I don't get it why...
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    Do I have to buy new ones?

    Okay, so birds cannot get the coronavirus and can't give it? Sounds like they are 100% safe then.
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    Do I have to buy new ones?

    I have 3 ground bird feeders. When I was putting them due to raining last Saturday, I started getting sick then Tuesday I tested positive for the virus. Can birds get Coronavirus? It's been over a week since I touched the ground feeders, and they are inside a box outside right now. They are made...
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    What kind of air freshener is 100% safe for birds?

    I need one that isn't a spray and it will be in a closet which is where their food is in a container. I need an air freshener I can buy but that isn't a spray or plug in since there isn't anywhere to plug in the closet. I will be taking out the food from the container so the smell cannot do any...
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    What grass seeds is safe and non-toxic for birds?

    even if they eat it? I read online that it's dangerous for animals.
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    What grass seeds is safe and non-toxic for birds?

    I need grass to grow near the bird feeder station but it needs to be safe. Thanks.
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    Is this safe?

    I have been using ground bird feeders since it's rainy season. I leave them under the porch so the food won't get wet. I want to know if it's safe to store these ground feeders in non-toxic plastic bags (with no smell inside) that are specifically for foods. But after a day or so the bags smell...
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    How to get rid of ant mound? Help

    It's been raining a lot recently and under the bird feeder there is a small area that has an ant mound. I raked all of the wheat straw and put new one since it's time to replace it. But the ant mound still grew over the wheat straw. I should have used a plastic under it but didn't think it would...
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    How do I stop these birds?

    Perky Pet 2 lbs. The one on the link is small. When birds eat a bunch of it goes everywhere. They eat like pigs especially the small birds.
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    How do I stop these birds?

    from digging for bird seeds? It's annoying now. Hole under bird feeder is covered with wheat straw and if it rains and all the birds seeds scattered everywhere I will add more wheat straw to cover it, then if it rains again the bird feeder on top is protected by dome but the rest of food isn't...
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    What should I use?

    I just saw a video on youtube. I am going to be using Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Dishwashing liquid. It has an orange scent. I will leave it outside at night then put it in the closet. I just saw a video of a lady using this to wash bird feeders. I am not going to use bleach. I am against it.
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    What should I use?

    sunlight=heat=releases toxic chemicals from the container only if it's heat.
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    What should I use?

    I have a Sterilite container where I will store ground bird feeders in. They are non-toxic and safe to store food in. It says on the website and customer service already confirmed this online and on the phone. It even has a number on the bottom of the container that means it's safe to store food...
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    How often do you rake bird seeds?

    I used to do it once a week until raking for years got rid of the grass and now a hole of dirt so I buy natural wheat straw. 12 lbs fills up the whole. I buy 24 lbs once a month. Every week I will add another layer to it so 12 lbs will last 3-4 weeks so in total 24 lbs will last 1 month or 1...