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Recent content by Monahawk

  1. Monahawk

    Not so rare bird moments

    Ditto that and some not so distant ducks have ended up being decoys. That was when I realised an eye test was not so much a need but a must! Si
  2. Monahawk

    Favorite weather for Birding?

    I don't mind birding in most weathers so long as it's not lashing rain or too windy. I hate birding in windy conditions, something I should really be used to living here in Ireland, but I find it a curse. Most birds go to ground or cover and you can't here any calls or anything, except the...
  3. Monahawk

    My Swifts have gone

    On a weekend visit to Irelands northwest, I was surprised to see 4 swifts in amongst a large flock of house martins over Sligo town centre on Sunday evening. Quite late for them to be around so far west. Si.
  4. Monahawk

    My Swifts have gone

    Just when I thought they have gone, then 10 swifts appear over the St. Peters Lake area of Monaghan town this morning. made my day. Si
  5. Monahawk

    My Swifts have gone

    1 lingering swift over Monaghan town late this morning among a flock of swallows. Si
  6. Monahawk

    Poorly Greenfinch (UK

    Could well be. I've seen this with my local greenfinches in the past, although my current crop of visiting greenfinches seem healthy and active. I've seen this terrible affliction with visiting goldfinches and chaffinches too, especially in winter months. Si
  7. Monahawk

    My Swifts have gone

    Saw 2 swifts flying around low where I was working this morning in Monaghan. They were close enough to note they had pale heads, so they were young birds. Si.
  8. Monahawk

    My Swifts have gone

    Saw one this afternoon over Monaghan town centre. They seem to have left earlier this year especially since the warm dry weather of July has given way to a very wet August. Here locally, their numbers appeared lower than last year. The old workhouse in Carrickmacross is a great spot for them...
  9. Monahawk

    'Bird you would most want to hear on the last day of your life

    Ideally a nightingale, but seeing as they are extremely rare here in Ireland, hearing one sing here is probably asking too much,[unless someone played a recording ] so I would be very happy to go out with a blackbird serenading away. Si
  10. Monahawk

    What's your favorite bird song?

    Nightingale. Closely followed by Blackbird, Woodlark and Skylark. Si
  11. Monahawk

    The annual 'whose got Swifts' thread

    Seem to be slow in coming in where I live. This is probably due to the persistent cold northerly winds of late. Did see my first swift of the the year over Monaghan town on 28th April but few seen since. Fairly good numbers are now frequenting a regular swift hotspot around the old workhouse at...
  12. Monahawk

    Birds That Visit Your Garden Now That Didn't Before

    Brambling. For years I wished for one to appear in the garden due to our close proximity to beech trees, but nothing. That was until 4 years ago. Now single birds often turn up with chaffinches each winter but they don't hand around for long, usually for one day only. Makes me watch finch flocks...
  13. Monahawk

    Bird species seen just the once in your yard/garden.

    Stonechat. Woodcock. Waxwing. Long eared owl. Si.
  14. Monahawk

    Winterwatch 2021

    A good series this time around. I actually found myself enjoying this Winterwatch perhaps more than previous offerings in the past. Maybe this was because of the current depressing circumstances we all find ourselves in, I don't know, or maybe Winterwatch was also a welcome relief to the general...
  15. Monahawk

    David Attenborough: A perfect Planet

    I love wolves too. A great part of the programme. In fact the whole programme has been great thus far and I too will doubt any wildlife programmes this year will surpass its quality. It is Attenborough after all. Si.