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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

Recent content by moshc

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    Has build quality diminished? Optics are superb but the housing, focus, . . .

    Were your ones owned by your friend new by chance? I've found the NL focus tends to smooth out over time..
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    Question with no answer - TRAVEL binos

    I don't feel like I'm losing much from full-size binoculars with the Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 in terms of view. Just in terms of handling and robustness of build. A tradeoff I'd easily make for travel or hiking binoculars. The Curio are even smaller and truly pocketable but I do miss the...
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    Very Impressed by the Curio 7x21

    I had an issue with the Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 since I don't wear glasses and the eyecups don't extend far enough. Is this something that is better solved with the Curio for non glasses folks?
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    Canon 10x42L, line in prism in one barrel?

    Just received a 10x42L and on inspection I noticed in the left barrow (or right barrel when viewing from objective end) there's a thin line in the prism that doesn't exist in the right barrel. It seems too perfect of a line for it to be a scratch or defect, yet I'd also expect to see one in the...
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Definitely let us know how the replacement goes!
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    I'm not sure it's exactly a 'problem' as for me it doesn't effect function only feel. I guess having paid such a crazy price for bins I want to make sure I don't have a sample out of ordinary. Based on others reports and from trying out two other NLs at the store it seems quite common...
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Thanks for sharing, how is it different in that spot? Also, I agree with you on the NL image quality.. just so good.
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Thanks, it does seem to be wearing in a bit over the last few days. Given two display NL at the store (a 8x42 & 10x42) had similar slight focus stiction issues I also wonder if I'm also just too sensitive in noticing the slight roughness at points. I read Roger Vine's review on the NL where he...
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Thanks, hopefully mine will simply disappear with use too. If you get a chance, try the diopter adjustment I mentioned in the post above and let me know if you get the same behavior as I noticed.
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    One interesting thing I found, moving the diopter adjustment all the way right or left creates different behavior in the 'scratchy points' in the focus range. On mine they are worse with the diopter all the way right (not that i'd ever use them like that). All the way left and the focuser is...
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Slowly move focus from one end of travel to the other, is it always completely smooth the whole way without hitting any stiction or slight roughness in some parts?
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Update: I went to a store today and tried their demo 8x42 & 10x42 NL. Both had some slight roughness/scratchiness in a few parts of the rotation. It's easy to not notice this if you're just quickly moving from one end of the focus to the other, but if you slow down like you're fine focusing...
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    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a 10x42 NL Pure. This is my first high end binocular. I noticed the focuser has a few scratchy or rough spots in the range. When focused near infinity it's very smooth and there are no issues but when focusing closer if it hits the spot where it's a tad rough I...