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Recent content by Mountain Hare

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    South Africa Drakensberg

    Thank you. That makes sense. Also my sister as told me this morning, that she has been putting oranges out for the Cape White-eyes. This could maybe account for the weavers odd orange colour!
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    South Africa Drakensberg

    My sister took these photos this week in Winterton KZN. The 1st one was in her garden with the Village weavers. It's orange face is confusing though. The 2nd photo, again apart from the orange looks like a Common Fiscal. Any ideas???
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    Large bird of prey Central Drakensberg South Africa

    Sorry Nutcracker, my last post was supposed to be a load of laughing emojis!!!! don't know what happened there!!! My brain is still on holiday I think lol!!!
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    Large bird of prey Central Drakensberg South Africa

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    Large bird of prey Central Drakensberg South Africa

    For some reason, I never even thought of that!!!! It seemed so big, it threw me!
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    Large bird of prey Central Drakensberg South Africa

    Just come back from South Africa and having trouble ID ing this bird. It was at Cathedral Peak. It's a juvenile I think. It was quite large. Initial thoughts were an eagle of some type, but looking back at the photo it doesn't have feathered legs! Considered Jackal Buzzard, but it seemed larger...
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    Durban South Africa, is it an Albatross

    Thanks Jon. My sister lives over there and sent this to me today. I'm rubbish with gulls, never mind any other seabirds lol!!!
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    Shoveler Hybrid? Lunt Liverpool UK (March 2019)

    It doesn't have the curly tail feathers of the mallard! I've taken some of the shadows from the photo. Looks more like a shoveler to me!
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    Durban South Africa, is it an Albatross

    Please excuse the quality of the photos, this bird was a long way off. I was wondering if it is an Albatross of some kind, or a gull. Sea birds are very new to me.
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    Marsh or Willow tit

    The beak seems to have a pale cutting edge. I think this suggests the Marsh Tit. It's hard to tell from the angle of the photo how far down the nape the black cap goes, as this can help in telling them apart. I'm far from an expert though I'm afraid. I struggle, in the field, to tell them apart...
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    South African warblers, Drakensburg KZN

    Having trouble with warblers!!!! The first two photos are the same bird. Photo 3 and 4 are a different bird, and bird 5 was taken yesterday. I was thinking Lesser Swamp Warbler and/or Little Rush Warbler. My sister was also thinking possibly African Reed Warbler. Although in my book the...
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    South Africa, North Drakensberg

    Hopefully I've managed to attach the photos ok!!! All taken beginning of June 2019 at The Cavern Drakensberg Resort and Spa. Any help with ID would be great, thanks in advance!!! 1) I thought maybe a Familiar Chat? 2) Female or juv Cape Rock Thrush or maybe juv red-capped robin-chat? 3) ? 4) ?
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    South Africa, KZN

    Thank you everyone for your help.