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Recent content by MrBJones

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    Bird species seen just the once in your yard/garden.

    Couple years ago I saw a Northern Flicker in our Dallas-area back yard. Didn't even know what it was until I found it in Sibley's afterward.
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    How susceptible are downy woodpeckers to salmonella?

    Mine too eat only from the hanging suet.
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    How susceptible are downy woodpeckers to salmonella?

    I've found many websites talking about salmonella, listing birds that are very susceptible, and those that are somewhat susceptible. Downy woodpeckers are never mentioned at all. Does anyone know for sure? Thanks
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    Salmonella outbreak

    I found a pine siskin on one of my feeders, showing all the symptoms of salmonella. After taking all feeders down, I did some Googling and came up with https://www.texasstandard.org/stories/why-you-should-temporarily-take-down-your-bird-feeder/...
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    Bird-feeding tips for a beginner + how to attract more birds?

    I too have a garden saucer (24" diameter) on the ground; the birds seem to prefer it there as opposed to on a stand. Regarding food, I'd suggest you also offer sunflower seeds; very many birds, including goldfinches (European and American) love it. If you do put sunflower seeds out, keep in...
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    Sanitizing unfinished terra cotta bath

    I use a 24" finished terra cotta garden saucer for a birdbath, just lay it on the ground and the birds love it...both drinking and bathing. I change the water every couple days, and scrub it with a brush periodically. What's the best way to sanitize it? I've been hesitant to use anything...
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    Squirrel Buster Nut Feeder?

    Has anyone used THIS nut feeder? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Looking to attract wider variety of birds beyond those coming now for sunflower seeds, suet, and thistle. Thanks...
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    Bluebirds in Dallas area?

    We already have a large terra cotta plant saucer on the ground. I think it's 18" across, we keep it full with 1.5" to 2" of water in it. Hopefully that's what they like. You're ahead of me...I've never even seen a bluebird here!
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    Bluebirds in Dallas area?

    Is there any real chance of attracting bluebirds to a backyard in the DFW area, Plano in particular? Would love to give it a try, but am wondering if it's worth the effort. If so, would dried mealworms be a good way to go? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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    Mealworm Feeder?

    Id like to put mealworms out, wondering what feeder to use. If possible, would prefer a feeder as opposed to a tray. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Best color bird bath to attract birds?

    Thanks! What depth saucer do you use?
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    Best color bird bath to attract birds?

    I'm going to put a ceramic saucer on the ground as a bird bath; it'll ll have a battery operated wiggler in it. Is there a color that will make it more attractive than others? If no particular color, then what about dark vs light?
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    Royal Wing suet (from Tractor Supply Company)

    I've used C&S suet in the past (Woodpecker Treat) and the birds loved it. But these days it's hard to find it at anything close to a decent price. The local tractor Supply Company has their own "Royal Wing" brand...any thoughts? Besides general opinion, how does their regular suet (not the 'no...
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    When to clean nest out of nextbox?

    Young chickadees fledged and left the nest; it's been four days and the box has been empty the full time. Should I clean out the old nest/bedding? Thanks
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    Sawdust/shavings Filling for nestbox?

    Something like THIS? https://www.amazon.com/Kaytee-Aspen-Bedding-cubic-feet/dp/B0002AQMKK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=aspen%2Bwood%2Bchips&qid=1584296150&s=pet-supplies&sr=1-1&th=1