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Recent content by Muppit17

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    Which Golden Plover? Iran, Mazandaran, May 2022

    I agree with your points. In addition the extent of black to the vent is a clue, but more subjective and not as extensive as in Am Golden Plover. Pacific is also a smaller less bulky bird and the wing beats are faster. But this is v subjective and difficult to pick out except in a mixed...
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    Which Eagles? Iran, Mazandaran, Sep. 2021

    The following bird with single comma mark at the carpal is a Gt Spotted Eagle. I agree it looks like a Steppe in the lead, although it is difficult to see any ID marks
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    Chiffchaff sp - Kyzylkum desert, Uzbekistan 30 May 22

    I agree with your points. What doesn't show in photos, I also didn't get the hyperactivity I recall from PLW in the gulf.
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    Mountain Chiffchaff or Common? Iran, Sistan & Baluchestan, Mar. 2022

    Hi Andy Images were posted on this ID query thread. https://www.birdforum.net/threads/chiffchaff-sp-kyzylkum-desert-uzbekistan-30-may-22.424992/
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    Mountain Chiffchaff or Common? Iran, Sistan & Baluchestan, Mar. 2022

    I did a bit of research on menzbieri after I saw a strange phylloscopus in Uzbekistan this year. Most of the illustrations in UK books don't match the birds seen in Iran/Turkmenistan. This are greyer with cleaner underparts, more akin to tristis. On that basis, I don't think it can be menzbieri
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    Mountain Chiffchaff or Common? Iran, Sistan & Baluchestan, Mar. 2022

    The bicoloured supercilium that is bright before the eye, and meets over the bill, is what I remember most from the Mountain Chiffchaffs I saw in Georgia. This bird has the same features. However, I am not sure if P.c. brevirostris is that simple to eliminate.
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    Egret for ID - Coastal West Bengal, India

    I have to say if I saw your egret on the coast in Dubai, where I used to live, I would simply have counted it as a white phase Western Reef and moved on. The lack of egrettes, the yellow/ green 'stripe' up the leg and the longer and more parallel bill shape all look typical.
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    Butterflies- Uzbekistan Part 2 - Tien Shen

    Again thank you Andy. I think we are getting in to the circularity of lack of a fixed taxonomy and by going back in time is simply confuses one (me at least) even more. I have noticed that in most genera, here in the west we heavily diverge from the Russian scientific community in respect to...
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    Butterflies - Uzbekistan - Part 3 Takhta- Karacha Pass, Samarkand

    Thanks andy, at least it is an attempt - no idea how to validate these ideas. I am still waiting for a response from Uzbekistan itself.
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    Which Turtle Dove? Iran, Khorasan-e Jonobi, Nov. 2022

    There is a difference between the two races, meena and orientalis, in the coloration of the tail band, so I suspect that your question is related solely to meena, which I guess is also the race you get in Iran, and also the race I am most familiar with from Central Asia, including my trip to...
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    Butterflies - Uzbekistan - Part 3 Takhta- Karacha Pass, Samarkand

    Thanks Jos - that is certainly a good pointer and something to remember. I am still searching for an idea of which ssp it should be for either.
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    Butterflies - Uzbekistan - Part 3 Takhta- Karacha Pass, Samarkand

    I though I would add another species from the same location. I had assumed that this was a Spotted Fritillary and it is certainly part of the superspecies that includes M didyma. However, I forgot about Persian (Spotted) Fritillary M persea that also occurs in the area Can they be told apart...
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    Lark from Morocco and the gallery, June 2012

    Just thought I would clarify one thing. Although Dunn's occur together with Black-crowned Sparrow-Lark in Western Sahara, (inc Aousserd Rd) I am fairly certain there have been no records of BC SL around Merzouga. This makes direct confusion less of an issue. (until the first turns up!)
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    Butterflies - Uzbekistan Part 1 - Tien Shen

    Again many thanks. Common blue should be possible but u/s ruled it out in the field Apparently Cryptic and sinapsis are possible - I will leave it as sinapsis I am still surprised about the lack of u/s hindwing markings on the GU Blue. From the location G aeruginosa is possible, however I...