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Recent content by Murmur

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    Hard times for Grouse Moors this year !!

    Yeah, every time I've looked at claims about the money generated for local communities by shooting, usually from "reports" produced by the shooting industry and its apologists, the claims do not stand up to any class of even semi-objective scrutiny.
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    Coul Links resurrected

    Yup, a new, but different version of the Coul Links golf course nonsense has appeared: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-coul-links-protected-nature-from-destructive-deja-vu-golf-course-1 And this version highlights how low the standards are to which councillors are held - it...
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    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    Public Inquiry details are now out: The Inquiry will take place in the Carnegie Hall, Clashmore, Dornoch, IV25 3RG, starting at 10 am on Tuesday 26 February 2019, running Tuesday to Friday and expected to last around 4 weeks; public can attend to observe and there will be a live webcast.
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    Wind Farms Act Like Apex Predators on Ecosystems, Study Finds

    Pity the full paper is paywalled, as it would be interesting to see if the report of the abstract accurately reflects the research (this is a frequent problem with reports of scientific and medical research in the popular media - the abstract glosses over some inconveniences in the full paper...
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    The power of objecting

    Quite: from another communication later today, it seems that an elastic definition of "withdrawn" is in use...It being suggested that the application will be held over until next month to allow some proper consultation. However, a number of folk in the area are also getting on the case.
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    Mining application for open cast mining at Druridge Bay

    Had any of you heard about Callaly Leisure's proposal for a 950 pitch caravan park around the lakes at Widdrington Moor? It went in last November, i.e. a year ago, but the council have deliberately decided NOT to inform local residents directly.
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    The power of objecting

    In case anyone doubts that they should object to planning proposals they believe will harm their local wildlife, let me tell you a story... Last Tuesday we were made aware of a planning proposal for a 950 pitch caravan park, 400m away from our house, around some new-ish lakes on an old opencast...
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    Norfolk birding

    Thank you! Saw another one today east of Brancaster over the A149.
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    Norfolk birding

    A question from a visiting North Easterner: on Friday afternoon (14th September) we were driving east along the A148 near Harpley when I spotted a red kite sailing along, heading west above the road. How usual is it to find red kites in north Norfolk? It's not something I associate with this...
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    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    Reduction in footfall, eh? Is that him admitting that folk aren't going to visit the golf course? When his whole supposed economic argument for it was that he would bring MORE people to the area, who would spend more money there? Make your mind up! The 2 things are mutually exclusive.
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    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    The application has been called in by the Scottish government; I'm viewing this as positive, as the councillors had over-ruled the decision/advice of their officers. Watch this space!
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    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    Given the SNP's recent poor record on environmental matters (is it me or have they reverted to being the Tartan Tories in that regard?) I'm not holding my breath. And, my, my, but the astro-turfers are out in the comments on some media reports about this one. Will use that contact link though.
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    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    IME that's how quite a few developers work: they fill the local press (who are frequently totally supine and useless) with what appears to be many independent press releases touting the benefits of the development; put on a few "meet the locals" events at which they exaggerate the "benefits" of...
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    I going for my alpha roof 8x32

    This is a long-established piece of man maths, especially when % reductions are involved... I have sworn by it for decades.
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    Coul Links, Embo under threat - RSPB petition

    The local authority has re-opened this proposal for public comment until 25th May. See here - http://www.notcoul.com/object.html - for further details. Now, have the council sorted out their website so I can actually read the developer's supporting information and take one of my well-honed...