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Recent content by mwhogue

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    Monocular to pocket binocular migration fail

    Eric, Pending more expert relevant input, I experienced a similar bout of nausea a year or so ago under different circumstances. I was comparing several different models/magnifications for their panning behavior, DOF, focus speed, rolling ball, black beans, et. cet. To do this I was panning...
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    Alpha binoculars

    Preach Brother. We live in a golden age of binoculars. E.G., one of our fair dinkum BF Legends has today in another thread mentioned regular use and enjoyment, inter alia, of a Zeiss bin from 1938. --Repeat, this is no typo, "1938"--. Let us therefore continue to joyfully confer, converse...
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    Meopta, Opticron, Kowa.... rival models to the "big three"?

    Agree with this response to the OP. EDG II in 7x42 and 10x32 are equal to Swarovski EL, UVHD +, and FL. Genesis 10.5x44 holds its own in the same crowd. Mike
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    Great real world input, thanks. Mike
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    NL32 vs SF32 (and a few others)

    Torview, Seeking reinforcement here. The only thing standing between me and shelling out for an SF/NL 8 or 10, 32 or 42 is my FL 7x42. So I look forward to your comparative evaluation of the SF 8x42 vs FL 7x42 if and when you are inclined. Mike
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    Pocket binoculars that fit in your pocket!

    JC, I own the CL and VP in 8x25 and the UV 8x20. All give me the full FOV with close fitting glasses. I prefer the VP for wider FOV and better handling. YMMV. Mike
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    What new 8x to compliment my 10x42

    Bluben, Right one of the compromises with most 10x42 is the relatively narrow FOV for the size and weight. Purely from an optical standpoint, IME a 7x is the better compliment to a 10x than an 8x as the combination of 7x / 10x covers more ground so to speak. You might consider the Opticron...
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    Zeiss Victory 10x32 T*FL (prompted by Arthur's thread)

    Arthur and Tom, For me it is more about the combination of (or balance between) size, shape and weight. 10x32 is one of my favorites. The Zeiss FL and UV HD + are the smallest and lightest of my four. The UV is the smallest of course but heavier than the Zeiss. Something about the wonderfully...
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    Zeiss lover gets wooed by the Leica "enhanced reality" look

    ZD, I agree with Jafritten's post 18. Owning both the 7x42 and 10x50 UV HD+, IMO the 10x50 would be an even (much) better companion to your 7x42 than a 10x42, especially given the immediate viewing opportunities depicted in your photos. With the right harness I can comfortably carry the 10x50...
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    Car binos - what are your criteria?

    Have you thought about using a 50 mm scope for this purpose? I did it once on a car trip through New Mexico, though not primarily birding. Used both a window mount and an ultra compact tripod. Worked quite nicely. Paired with a 10x32 bin. The bulk and weight were never an issue and I like light...
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    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    Right the harness I just wrap around the bins and it slips right in and out of any soft case I have used. I have never seen an all black model in person to compare but the black and dark gray color combination looks really good IMO. Mike
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    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    Hard to describe. There is not a snap fit quick release. But it is a three piece strap design so you could detach the standard strap by unthreading it from the short attachment pieces and thread a larger strap through the rings on the attachment pieces and not have to cram it through the...
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    Question about Zeiss Terra 8x25

    The color makes no difference in terms of the optics. I have and like the grey. Current production is from China but there may still be some MIJ models available. Mike
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    Pre-Swarovision EL - are they still a good buy?

    For context, I have used a friend's pre SV 8x32 a good bit and own UV HD+ 7x42 and 10x32 as well as Pre FP SW SV 8.4x42. IME an EL 8.5x42 would be a good fit in your collection. Mike
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    Wonder whether the SV EL coatings would result in removing oil using water rinse only or is the cloth supposed to absorb/remove the oil? My eyelashes contact the ocular lenses from time to time and I sometimes have to clean them twice with lens wipes to completely remove the oil. Mike