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Recent content by naturistbird

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    Hugh's Wild West

    Hugh,s wild West yesterday was the first episode I had seen.Forest of Dean was superb.Will now have to see all old episodes. Great mix of enthusiasm, respect and errors..Hugh,s voice was not a whisper as he and Robin visited boar family. Not quite as jolly hockey sticks as Winterwatch and I...
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    Big Cat Britain - Here we go again!

    My sister had a wild cat in her Surrey garden over 20 years' ago. She later identified it as a puma (mountain lion). it chased her cat up a tall tree but was forced down when she threw bricks at it. It then disappeared over the 6ft hedge. It was snowing at the time so the prints were left behind...
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    The Bear Family & Me.

    lovely...lovely...lovely...lovely programme..
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    Natural World-A Very British Obsession with Butterflies BBC2 17/12/2010 20.00-21.00pm

    Long live all eccentrics who have done their bit to help the butterflies.
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    Black redstart in Bath

    There were a lot of Black Redstart sightings in Southern England yesterday on the Bird Guides map.
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    Birds Britannia 3 Nov BBC4 9pm

    Watched it recently on iplayer....very informative... and looking forward to no 3!
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    Great to see 'Bill Oddie' on the 'Wright Stuff' today

    He looked pretty well on Birds Britannica recently.
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    Autumn Watch 2010

    Re the appearance of those beautiful owls on Unsprung this week, I recently attended a talk about a swan and hedgehog rescue centre by Wilts Wildlife Trust . The giver of the talk, Sue Hulbert, brought along photos of rescues, and 2 wild animals recently rescued. One was a hedgehog, injured on...
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    Lee Evans interviewed by David Lindo

    I found this very interesting and felt Lee came across well. He was soberly dressed in shirt and tie so gave the appearance of taking this chance to speak seriously. I can imagine that criticism does hurt him...he is human , after all, if a little intense and obsessive. But then again...
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    Birds Britannia 3 Nov BBC4 9pm

    Actually, tonight I take back what I've said earlier.... The programmes tonight were excellent and Ms Humble was very much easier to watch and listen to than previously when I had found her manner annoying. I thought she was "spot on "tonight....and helped make 2 very interesting programmes...
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    Birds Britannia 3 Nov BBC4 9pm

    I Kate is a lovely looking woman (which you have to be to survive Jay Hunt, apparently) but the problem I have with her is that she is oh so boring and heavy. She can be rather too gushingly- serious or, on the other hand, overwhelmed with laughter, which the viewer fails to share. To me it...