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Recent content by Nessus

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    Expriencing the Papilio II 6.5x21

    To me the most important question is whats the difference between this and the first one? I already have a first edition 6.5x, is there any reason to get the 2nd? They sound identical from your review.
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    Pentax Papilio - Collimation and convergent lenses

    When I bought mine I tested them out first and ran into one bad pair out of three that just did not focus properly. I bought the 6.5x because the coatings aren't the best and I thought the 8's were too dim. So now I have 2 pairs of the 6.5x that collimate and focus perfectly. One pair I never...
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    SF in real life

    I made the mistake of bringing my 10x42 SE's when I tested the 10x HT. The image was almost exact between the two. Both had that great color saturation and perfect clarity. The only thing I noticed about diffrent about the HT was that it rendered metal objects shining in the sun with it's own...
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    Zeiss Conquest HT Objective Covers

    I hated buying a thousand dollar pair of 12x's with no objective covers, I mean C'mon Zeiss get your act together on these kinds of things.
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    zeiss 8x30 t coating

    This is correct. After Zeiss used phase coatings in all binoculars they just dropped the P* because it was implied in every T* coated bin. I can't recall when they did this but if you got them in the last few years I'd say they are phase coated.
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    Chinese knockoff 8x20 Conquests.

    Those are the ones alright. I tested them by looking at people crossing the street 3 blocks away, a view I know well so I knew the glass and coatings were fairly good. What really caught my eye is where the outer objective tube met the objective lens. It was like the tube floated free and wasn't...
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    New Zeiss Victory SF !!!!!!

    I wish more makers cared about FOV or more specific to my interests AFOV. There's nothing like pulling a a fresh pair of bins only to find out the circle is gigantic. I never understood why so many alpha 8x42's offer a 330ft view while the Little 8x32's have a 420 foot. People mocked the...
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    Zeiss Victory SF Delays

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    Computer binoculars!

    There's a new device coming out called the Oculus Rift and it's made for virtual reality. It's has 2 lenses in it and a 1440x2560 screen. Since it's hackable an enterprising programmer could build it into a motorcycle helmet and mount an image stabilized camera on both sides for a stereoscopic...
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    New Swaro Pockets

    A good thing to know Brock but I must say I'm still amazed how many alpha manufacturers still F this up on a regular basis. Just because your objectives got half the size doesn't mean your eyes did. I traded my 10x25's for the 8x25's and I'm glad I did This way I'm taking advantage of the 25%...
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    Well, they're here.

    A good object to set your diopter to is a plant about 100-150 feet away. They have many offshoot branches that are good for a focus check. Antennae on roofs and buildings works well too.
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    Chinese knockoff 8x20 Conquests.

    I was walking to the store yesterday and some guy I know says, "Saw you coming from way down there using these, they're from Zeiss. Only problem is they weren't real. They felt half the weight and where the plastic meets the objective was all wrong, they didn't look or feel right but they had...
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    New Zeiss Victory SF !!!!!!

    Anyone heard word if the 7x42 will truly have a 490ft FOV? If so that will make it one of the most immersive pair of bins in the world.
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    Tests of the Zeiss 8x54 HT

    I was shocked when I looked at the specs and they are both indeed 330ft. I compared the 42's to my Nikon SE 10x42 and they felt the same or smaller, I was dissapointed as my FL's always looked a bit bigger than other 10's. A week later I tested the 54HT against a lot of smaller glass. It...
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    8x32 Conquest vs 8x32FL

    I still use my 8x32FL as one of my main binoculars but there have been a lot of new releases. So how are the FL's holding up? They still go for more on ebay than new Conquests.