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Recent content by Nixterdemus

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    Sightron "Blue Sky" II 8x32

    I'm saving me pristine bins until they become an antique. Then hopefully they will adorn the walls of a dark und dinghy birders pub should such exist. Accompanied with modest plaque: 'Frank viewed here'. Betwixt pints locals will regale How the little bin that could; doth prevail ...
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    Fujinon TS12X28

    Thanks for pointing that out to me. The only way I know if I'm looking at Saturn is w\higher power mounted. Even then w\meager equipment it appears as having ears instead of rings.
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    Fujinon TS12X28

    One quirk for me is the timed auto-off whilst taking a peek. When you physically power down you feel the 'clunk' noting the entire frame moving as IS is clamped down; for lack of more appropriate terminology. As if tiny vise grips have locked down the screen. Perchance just the opposite in...
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    Optolyth Binoculars.

    Once again me lowly 10X45 Royal BGA P dual wheel focus is naught. A ghost w\o listings that never is graced w\even an honourable mention. The black sheep of the Optolyth line undoubtedly excommunicated shortly after an even shorter production. W\o proof of legacy save an Outdoor Life Bin...
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    Weaver Super Slam - an Interesting Oddity?

    A while back, after receiving e-mail, I eased over to Natchez Shooting Supplies. Sadly the last bastion of the oft unheralded Weaver Super Slam finally ran out of the 8.5X45 old school warrior. Yes, it is heavy and incorporates a funky IPD locking device that was designed around the glory age of...
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    Fujinon TS12X28

    First IS bins I've viewed. Going rate is 549USD. These were described as used very good $370 being hawked by Amazon warehouse. The land of returns almost always described as packed in original box w\box having damage. I posted my first thoughts in a Canon Vs thread if you're so of mind to look...
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    Russian Komz 8x30 question..

    Hey Stella! ... Hey Stella! Sorry, I was having a Brando moment.
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    Fujinon new 12x28 vs Canon IS

    I cannot speak for the Canon, but I did note a few days ago the Fuji 12x28 IS for sale on Amazon. Used very good was the description. Small mark on body up front missing strap & belt clip. Comes in original packaging. Three hundred und seventy simoleons. Why not, eh? Price seemed right as new...
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    Optolyth Binoculars.

    The Optolyth thread lives!
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    Vintage Binoculars

    Dang, wish BF would allow longer editing as it would save another post. In perusing over the 1934 Dumaurier catalogue I note Busch Terlux offerings in 24, 18, 15 & 10x. The 15x, that I own, is listed as 52.5m/m objective lens, Light Transmitting Power of 12.25, Fiels of 59.5 yds, Height 8 7/8"...
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    Old and Vintage binoculars Catalogs, Catalogues & Brochures Resource now posted

    - RESEARCH MATERIALS #1 1934 DuMaurier Catalogue ( USA ) Full catalogue: 20 scans/ 40 pages Brand(s): DuMaurier, Busch, Lemaire binoculars Contents shown: binoculars, telescopes, microscopes No link comes up. Only a gif of where you click/click to view. - ETA: Busted link though hot-link works...
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    Trivia bino question - movie binos "Rear Window"

    In this pic I see the silver rings behind the objective covers. For whatever that's worth ... James Bond, along w/gal painted gold, used Mark 37 9x63 in Goldfinger
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    Vintage Binoculars

    Here is an alleged ad from 1908 Sears catalogue. One of me favs the Busch Terlux 12x35 of which I own. Not from 1908 more like middle-late 20's. There are two testimonials from 1906 on the Busch Terlux line. According to a website I ran across $55 in 1908 is valued 110 yrs later at $1506.75...
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    Sightron "Blue Sky" II 8x32

    They're still listed in the catalogue and I'll wager they'll be in the 2019 as well. Whilst they cannot be everything unto everyone they still punch well above modest price. Vive la petit ciel bleu!
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    Nikko Stirling NightEater Binoculars

    Their back allbeit 3404 days. Still no mention of PC. I liked the price of $58.62, but the flat-rate shipping of 9.89 sorta soured me on the deal. I wonder where these have been cooling their heels...