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Recent content by NZbinodude

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    6 January 2022 - New Leica announcement

    Top-tier roof prism binoculars are so good these days that I just cannot see how Leica would break any optical boundaries by using the Perger prism more broadly. How much of a real world difference would it make? I remember all the hype re: the NL Pure, and while it's an excellent binocular...
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    I bought some Habichts thinking they'd be perfect, but they didn't suit my face at all. Build quality was exceptional, though. I considered the Noctivid (might try a pair down the line). But I was drawn to the smaller size of the Ultravids and the 7x magnification. And after owning and using a...
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    NL Pure 'problems'.

    I've now got a pair of Leica Ultravids on order, but Leica isn't immune to QC issues either. I've got a mate who deals in optics, and he's had to return several pairs of Leica rangefinders for repair - some of which were still defective when they got back. It seems like it's a bit of a lottery...
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    Noctivid 7x42 will never be made?

    I'm a hunter (in addition to a birdwatcher and general nature observer) and I've got a Leica Ultravid 7x42 HD+ on order. Thought process: I prefer 42mm over 50/54/56mm or 32mm. The 50's are too bulky/heavy, and the 32's are harder to hold steady & not as bright. In the 42mm format, I'm not...
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    UVHD+ appreciation ~ my, how I do

    Well said! Nobody does 'no frills' and 'elegant' the way Leica does. I'm still waiting for my 7x42 HD+ to arrive. Should be another few weeks. Thanks for giving me that final 'nudge'!! ;)
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    Loss of light transmission w/Zeiss Victory RF Laser Rangefinding Binocular

    It's all a bit silly really - if you genuinely need accurate rangefinding past 1000m (consistent RF'ing), then you really want one of those military units. I've owned the 10x42 Geovid HD-R (type 402), and while the build quality and glass was top notch, rangefinding was a bit patchy in cold/wet...
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    Loss of light transmission w/Zeiss Victory RF Laser Rangefinding Binocular

    @Canip which model Geovid did you test?
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    Loss of light transmission w/Zeiss Victory RF Laser Rangefinding Binocular

    I got the binos today. Don't particularly like them. They've got the same 'green-ish' tint to the image like the SF's I tried. And they don't have that bright, sparkling image I like. I still think the Leica Geovid leads the rangefinder bino pack. They just seem more refined/polished, and the...
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    Loss of light transmission w/Zeiss Victory RF Laser Rangefinding Binocular

    Interested in this. I've got a pair of 10x54 Zeiss RF's on the way. Anxious to know how good/bad the glass is.
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    NL Pure condensation on eye pieces

    Very interesting - thanks for the info.
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    Leica UVHD+... all I can say is that the view is simply "DELICIOUS"

    It sounds like you're content with your Leicas. And why not? They're premium in every sense of the word, and you're blessed to have access to such instruments! Beautiful photos. I'd love a pair of 7x42 HD+'s.
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    NL Pure condensation on eye pieces

    I had a similar issue with my 10x42 NL Pures. Condensation build-up on the lenses. I didn't have any other binoculars to compare the NL's to at the time, but I figured something wasn't quite right. Does Swarovski use 'Swaroclean' (or whatever the Lotu-tec equivalent is called) on the new NL Pure?
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    Swarovski SLC 10X42 Rubber Casing Fault

    On the other hand, you can find old military porros with their rubber armor still in-tact - even after 60+ years of abuse. It doesn't matter how 'environmental friendly' these new rubber recipes are. Any green points won from using more sustainable materials are quickly lost when you take into...
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    Swaro EL 10x50 users in 2021.

    I understand your logic. It's just that I've read elsewhere (on this forum) that people found the view through the 10x50 more relaxing and allowed for more eye movement. I very rarely use binos unsupported (I'll normally sit down and rest them on my knees for long distance viewing) so shake is...
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    Swaro EL 10x50 users in 2021.

    How many of you are happy owners/frequent users of the much revered 10x50 EL? How does it compare to the NL models as an 'overall package' for long-distance viewing in low-light situations? Do you find it too heavy/bulky? I'm pretty keen on one. They supposedly handle glare a bit better than...