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Recent content by Onemis

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    Common Chiffchaff or Willow Warbler? (Germany)

    For me it's a Chiffchaff (Phylloscopus collybita).
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    Warbler ID, Bulgaria

    What do you think about the ID of this Phylloscopus warbler? Burgas, Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, 3.Oct.2015 Photographer: Vladimir Deryabin I don't have other pictures to share with you so far, but I'm in a contact with the photographer and hopefully he will give us something more. Certainly the...
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    Bunting ID, Bulgaria

    Some discussions appeared about the ID of this bunting. It was observed on 10th of September near Burgas, Bulgaria. Originally identified as a juvenile Ortolan Bunting. It would be great to see what you think about it? Regards, Simeon
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    Bird ID, Bulgaria

    Thanks Peter, It was very helpful information. The bird would probably be quite easy to identify in the field, but it makes it quite tricky when you just have a couple of pics to ID it. :-)
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    Bird ID, Bulgaria

    Thanks Lou, I supposed so, but the posture on the first picture makes it look quite like a pipit :-) Anyway, thanks for your confirmation!
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    Bird ID, Bulgaria

    Hi, I would like to ask you what you think about the ID of this bird. Pictures have been taken on 28.2.2017 by a friend of mine near Varna, E Bulgaria.
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    Gull identification

    Second as far as I know, but I think it is the first one documented with pictures.
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    Common or pallid swifts? Location: Bulgaria

    The Pallid Swift is a very common breeder in Southern Bulgaria, especially in the mountains, but also forms mixed colonies with Common Swifts in the cities, such exist in Sofia for example. Recently it has been confirmed from several towns in Northern Bulgaria as far north as Silistra on the...
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    Raptor ID, Bulgaria, Sept 2013

    Hi everyone, This bird was photographed on 23th of September 2013 near Burgas, Bulgaria. The author has initially identified it as a Black-shouldered Kite. I posted it on some forums in Bulgaria, but there is still a lot of controversy on its ID, including Osprey, male Pallid Harrier, Black...
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    ID please - Romania

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    Long-billed Grebe ??

    1st winter Red-necked Grebe to me. The color of the bill is probably distorted by the reflection of the dawn/dusk light from sea surface. On one of the pics even the eye looks quite odd! But IMO length and form of bill fits best the Red-necked Grebe.
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    Twite in Bulgaria?

    That's my other suggestion despite I would expect stronger face stripes and darker bill. But regarding the quality of the pics I can't fully exclude this option.
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    Twite in Bulgaria?

    That's a processed picture that a colleague of mine has done and you can see the rusty tinge on the face of this bird. I definitely cannot agree with a Corn Bunting. The bird is very small as the author says and WHERE IS THE BILL of this Corn Bunting. From what I see as a bill it is very small...
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    Twite in Bulgaria?

    Hello everyone, this bird was photographed in SE Bulgaria and was first identified as a Twite, which is quite rare over here, but later some doubts about its ID occurred. I'll be glad here your opinions about it? Regards, Simeon
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    Sub-adult Pallas's Gull

    The bird is in 2nd winter moulting into 2nd summer plummage or 3rd cy. In the next few weeks the head should become a lot darker and will look very similar to adult summer.