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  1. Overread

    A Trio of confusing moths for ID

    Thanks both! Farnboro John I am in Suffolk so a Langmaid is "potentially" possible. However it seems that only examination of the genitalia is the way to tell the two apart. As I don't retain the moths (they are freed after the photos) that's not an option, so I'd err that its far more likely...
  2. Overread

    A Trio of confusing moths for ID

    Got a trio of moths confusing me here. All taken on the same night - 18 July: 1-2 - A wainscot of some type, I'm thinking common but I'm not sure. 3-4 - Its another of the Mythimna, but not sure - Clay, Brown-line Bright-eye - Wihte point - sort of warming to that one but, again not really...
  3. Overread

    Why do you like lepidoptera?

    Thanks all! Britseye - I think everyone is out hunting and playing with moths and moth traps ;)
  4. Overread

    A few confusing moths

    Which photo do you mean - if you meant the second one that I linked too then it surprises me more because that one does align closer to the drawn example in the Waring and Townsend ID book. The lighting differences are good to note, but they are not too vastly different, both are flash assisted...
  5. Overread

    Why do you like lepidoptera?

    So I've noticed that there's loads of talk about "what species is this" and "this is what species I've seen", but we've spoken less of what motivates us to even ask those questions in the first place. To spend hours diving through wildlands or travel far to spy a tiny butterfly; to chase...
  6. Overread

    A few confusing moths

    Hmm was just digging through my photos and found another mother of pearl that I saw a long while ago https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/36028264603/in/dateposted-public/ I'm now confused because the two look nothing alike. Is this natural variation in the species or is one wrongly...
  7. Overread

    A few confusing moths

    Thanks Aeshna - I always forget about the Mother of Pearl hiding at the start of the Waring and Townsend book. Whilst the Spectacle isn't one I'd have guessed at since in the book its colours are displayed as far more muted/browns rather than the more colourful reality of this particular moth.
  8. Overread

    A few confusing moths

    A pair of moths here that I can't quite work out, I think because they are a slight bit different to the drawn versions I'm looking at. The first has a few potentials, but I think the more wavy lines are throwing me. The second I think might be easier than it looks but I guess the photo...
  9. Overread

    Canon CEO: Camera market will contract for another 2 years

    I'm annoyed that they are all chasing mirrorless when in reality it doesn't really save you all that much camera body space and weight. Especially once you're dealing with the upper end of the market. Sadly it seems that the DSLR is soon going to be split into casual cameras or 1D line - the 7D...
  10. Overread

    Some trap moth ID help

    Got some moths from the trap that I'd like some confirmation on the ID of. I'm pretty sure about the swallow prominent, the others less sure as there might be others I've mistaken them for. 1 Swallow Prominent (Pheosia tremula) 2 Marbled Brown (Drymonia dodonaea) 3,4 Apotomis or Hedya -...
  11. Overread

    Any Moth handling advice/tips

    So the title mostly sums it up, has anyone got any general tips or tricks or things you've found that help when handling moths to aid moving them around whilst minimising the chances of harming them. Most times simply turning the eggcup they are on upside down and giving the underside a flick...
  12. Overread

    A couple of Moths for ID.

    Ahh your right! I've not seen an Angel Shades before, but I have seen limes before. The balder part on the back should have given me a hint that it was old and not younger (I'd thought it was a lime but new and thus not fully expanded wings). A further inspection and yeah I think I was more...
  13. Overread

    A couple of Moths for ID.

    Got a pair from my last trapping in early May. I'm fairly sure on the Lime Hawkmoth, though I don't know if its possible to tell more from it from the photos shown other than its species. A bit early, but this one was actually not even in the trap and was hiding in the house. Spruce Carpet I'm...
  14. Overread

    Moth Id confirmation - Muslin Moth

    Thanks Aeshna! Who knows perhaps I'll get some nice pugs in my trap sometime to add to the pug confusion ;)
  15. Overread

    March/April Moths

    Ran my trap last night for the first time in a while, though as I lay there in bed I saw the wind moving the trees and figured my findings in the morning might not be what I'd hoped - turned out I was right. 3 Hebrew Character 1 Muslin Moth (not yet confirmed but very likely) All photos...