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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

Recent content by Passakorn

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    Do midsize spotting scopes have pleasing image qualities at 50-60x?

    Thank you very much for all suggestions. In fact I have been looking at the EDiii 60mm. One thing I am not sure is if it is worth spending for an upgrade from the ED50? How much better image quality I would gain besides 40x vs 30x and a bit brighter? I have 10-30x eyepiece on ED50. I even think...
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    Do midsize spotting scopes have pleasing image qualities at 50-60x?

    I do both bird photos and also enjoy watching them through the scope. Both photographic equipment and a large scope start to be too heavy to carry around. I am wondering if the midsize scope (50-60mm) a good compromise? I feel that the 30X from Nikon ed50 is not enough for rather far away birds...
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    Accessories for Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic

    Here is my current poor man setup. ME66 with a foam and a cheap deadcat on the top, a foam suspension and a table top tripod. It does have some handling noise if I move the setup during the recording so I have to be rather still while recording. Should I expect major upgeade in sound quality if...
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    Accessories for Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. Should I get good headphones as well? As it is a mono recording I am not sure if a good headphone would help a lot. Now I use simple earbuds. As it is mono so I tend to look to the left when I heard the sound as the mic is hooked up to the left channel.
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    Accessories for Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic

    Hello there, I just got a bare ME66 with the K6 module. I plan to use it with the Tascam D100mk3 recorder. I am wondering if the me66 users could suggest good accessories to build up the system? Now I think at least I am looking for a good shock mount, windjammer (now I have only a foam one)...
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    Need suggestions for Sub $1000 80mm spotting scope with the same image quality as Nikon Fieldscope ED50

    I am looking for a (hopefully) sub $1,000 for a new 80mm spotting scope. Now I have Nikon Fieldcope ED50 and I like the image quality (brightness, contrast, clarity etc., apart from it broke into 2 pieces). I am wondering if I could get suggestions for 80mm range spotting scope that has at...
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    Zoom Lens with 2X extender vs Astro Reflectors vs Digiscoping?

    I am thinking of doing a high magnification video (around 40-50X or around 2000-2500mm eq.). If the condition is right (good atmospheric condition etc), I am wondering if someone could give some ideas about what would be the better choices between Zoom Lens with 2X extender vs Astro Reflectors...
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    How are the fine spotting scopes compared to good astro refractors?

    I notice that many people in this forum also own astro refractors. I am wondering if these astro refractors has been compared to the alpha spotting scopes and how good are they? I have a William Optics GT81 (v.3), a 81mm refractor with 480mm focal length, with Badder 8-24mm zoom(v.3) with 2”...
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    Mid-size spotting scope to replace Nikon ED50

    Hello there, As previously posted that my ED50 separated and although I manage to glue it back, I feel uncomfortable to bring it along on the trip anymore. So I am looking for a new one (50-65mm) that is at least the same quality and the same price range of the ED50. I am wondering if anyone...
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    Nikon Fieldscope ED50 Separates

    Thank you so much for all suggestions. Today I glue it with epoxy and wrap it with the duct tape. I test it and seems to work ok for now. I will be looking for another midsize scope and will ask in the forum. thank you again for all of your helps, Passakorn
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    Upgrading from Nikon ED50

    I was thinking about asking the forum about how should I upgrade from the Nikon ED50 right before it separates tonight (I post in another thread in spotting scope: Nikon.). So it is time to really think about it. Could you please suggest what should be the next step (in terms of image quality) I...
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    Nikon Fieldscope ED50 Separates

    I notice this evening that there is a small split between the top and the bottom part of the Nikon Fieldscope ED50 (angle model). All of a sudden the darn thing separates. I notice that the plastic receiver that takes the bolts is broken. The problem is that I don't know how to put these 3...
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    Any users of the Rode NTG5 microphone?

    So far there are no ME66s available in Thailand. Shipping it in will have to take a chance of 0-60% customs duty (plus 7% VAT) so I may have to find other options locally. Rode NGT5 seems to be the best option here so far. I am wondering if there are any NTG5 users that can comment on the...
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    New to Bird/Wildlife Audio Recording :) - Gain/Trim & Fader and other basic settings to get started?

    I am wondering if you could comment on the Rode NTG5 so far? I am considering getting one as well as the ME66 is not available in Thailand.] Thank you so much. Ake