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Recent content by paul Robinson

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    Help Finding Book I Once Read

    Where did he travel around - the US? I remember a book by a young birder mostly hitching around the US, mostly east coast but also Texas. Can't remember the name though... Paul
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    Stuffed Birds on Ebay

    Is Harshit mis-spelt? "Sellers need to ensure that they have the necessary government permits to sell these items suggests that eBay has no interest in these permits. Also, if they do have these permits that they are not interested in, then that is fine. Well done eBay. Paul
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    Woodland flowers North East UK

    Is the second one Betony? First one some kind of Hawkbit/Hawkweed/Hawks-beard?? Paul
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    Help please with the birds in the background

    ...and the oystercatchers (behind the common terns) and the bh gull :) Paul
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    Birds of Italy

    Check your spam folder Paul
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    Twitching Wexford Cayenne Tern

    Lordy, here we go again...
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    Tern ID. N. of Sweden.

    Told you :) Paul
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    Trump administration unwinds Migratory Bird Treaty Act

    If it has Obama's name anywhere near it he will put his boot to it. Pretty much all that motivates him really. Paul
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    Tern ID. N. of Sweden.

    An answer, I wouldn't trust me on the answer! Still think common though Paul
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    Trump administration unwinds Migratory Bird Treaty Act

    I read somewhere that ocean reserve areas set up in New Zealand were fought tooth and nail by local fishermen. Now those same fishermen are their main guardians, as the reserves replenish other areas which they can fish. I don't think the GOP world view can peek much beyond the next profit...
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    Tern ID. N. of Sweden.

    Long cap on head, fairly sizeable bill and thick dark trailing edge to underwing suggests common. I think. Paul
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    Trump administration unwinds Migratory Bird Treaty Act

    This one too. An area created in the Obama era so that had to go obviously. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/trump-allows-commercial-fishing-in-marine-conservation-area/ar-BB156bS2 Paul
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    Trump administration unwinds Migratory Bird Treaty Act

    Must be plenty of republican voting birdwatchers out there surely? As you say, the flailing desperation of a drowning man. Paul
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    Warbler ID please: Magor Marsh reserve, UK

    Super pic though. Paul
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    Greetings from Elmhurst, Illinois

    Hello from Ireland & funnily enough my sister lives in Elmhurst! Paul