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Recent content by PaulCountyDurham

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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Tree sparrow'

    'Looking a bit alert or surprised....
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    Meadow Pipit or Tree Pipit, Tuscany, Italy

    'Beauty of a picture! Beauty of a bird!
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Nuthatch'

    'Lovely that, Chris. 'Reminded me that I haven't seen a nuthatch for months.
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Kingfisher (2).jpg'

    'Absolutely beautiful!
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Still hanging around'

    That's one bonny bird!
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Mistle Thrush'

    'Beauty of a picture. Haven't seen a mistle thrush or song thrush for months.
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'citril finch'

    'Lovely colours on that bird, beautifully taken!
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    NX Studio

    At this stage, I trust NX Studio to apply the camera settings to the RAW image as opposed to trying to replicate that myself. Most of my in-camera settings are neutral anyway, and I like the ability to change the ADL setting in NX Studio so that is another advantage of running a RAW file through...
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'It's been awhile'

    'Has a bit of a look like a Wheatear there, KC. Wheatears always look like they have something to attend to. 'Similar with your bird there.
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    NX Studio

    Aye, that's a big help for me because I don't have the time nor the experience to open RAW files in Affinity and turn them into something. I don't do much to my pictures, 'try to keep them as they were with a bit of sharpening and try to give the illusion of a bit more detail. I change the white...
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Siskin'

    'Not a bird I see often, Delia, and was able to get a close up watch for about 15 minutes. 'Pretty good table manners, she was just nibbling on her food. Contrast that with a goldfinch who obliterates anything in sight!
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    NX Studio

    'Not sure. I export to TIFF out of NX Studio to transfer to Affinity. My reasoning isn't based on anything I know, but rather on what I have read. I really do not like the RAW images in Affinity, so for me it's either RAW to NX Studio, export in TIFF and then post process in Affinity; or JPEG...
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Song thrush'

    'Nice to see. I haven't seen a song thrush anywhere in ages.
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    Comment by 'PaulCountyDurham' in media 'Stonechat'

    She's such a beautiful little bird, lovely photo!