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    How many Binoculars do you have?

    True. Once you get to this size of bino, though, it's mostly for astro use. It's hard to use 100mm binoculars for much else. Could use it for birding, of course, if they're already set up and/or your environs are frequented by birds, but the "grab n' go" factor suffers at this size. For...
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    Astro Paradise for the Bucket List ....

    Astrophotographers like myself do have a few tricks up our sleeves. First, the Starlink satellites are worst during dusk and dawn, but the portion of the night between the times of astronomical twilight (-18° solar altitude) will have much less of them and they'll be confined to the part of the...
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    How many Binoculars do you have?

    I've just got a pair of 11x70 Oberwerks. I used to have a set of tripod-mounted 25x100IF's from Oberwerk, but they were (literally) a pain in the neck once I started scanning skyward. They were excellent in value/price, though. --Phil C.
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    Brown Bear encounter

    That's indeed the case. And many bears will do a "bluff charge" when they want to scare off a human without engaging in an actual physical altercation. But none of that advice works with a polar bear. They're extremely intelligent and fatal encounters have often involved predation. They will...
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    Spotting Scope advice needed

    I'll throw another "angled" onto the pile here. I wouldn't even consider a straight-through spotting scope. The birds might be on ridge-line trees while you're in a valley, or you might consider astro use. And having some experienced with mounted 25x100 straight-through binoculars, I can say...
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    Low Magnifications and Large Exit Pupils on Birding Scopes

    Astronomical eyepieces can deliver amazingly-sharp images in spotting scopes, but there's a bit of mismatch in applications between the main hardware and the user interface. Spotting scopes typically work best at 60X or less for most things, namely to keep the exit pupil decently-sized and the...
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    Low Magnifications and Large Exit Pupils on Birding Scopes

    You can't go wrong buying Televue eyepieces. You can go BROKE buying Televue eyepieces. But you can't go wrong. --Phil
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    Nikon D500, picture question

    Yeah, the extreme cropping of the hawk image would pretty much render any image of it grainy. The hummingbird image is slightly different. You'll get way, WAY more grain/noise at ISO 3200 than lower settings. The ISO doesn't really make the camera more sensitive to light; it just amps up the...
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    New USA Nikon D6 anyone..?

    I could only dream of a D6, considering what I've got is a D5300, albeit one with a full-spectrum mod. --Phil
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    Astro eyepieces with Kowa 883

    General rule of thumb for astro resolution is about 50X/inch or 2X/mm of aperture (look up Dawes' Limit for more on this) The Kowa 883 has an 88mm aperture, so 176X is where you'd max out. If you use a 3mm eyepiece, you're at 170X. The 1.6X will get you up to 96X and a 2.5X barlow would get...
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    Baader Hyperion Mark IV zoom on Kowa 883 Prominar

    Can't vouch for either in any spotting scope. But I own an astro-modded TE11WZ (for use with 2"-telescope focusers) and have owned a Baader Mark IV Zoom. I use/used them extensively in my 8" f/4.9 Newtonian as well as various f/6 and f/7 refractors. Not much difference in edge sharpness at...
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    Astro eyepieces with Kowa 883

    I have the opposite issue--a Kowa eyepiece (TE11WZ) for astro-use. I only have a modded version of this eyepiece that works great for astro with 2"-eyepieces. I can say the TE11WZ is VERY sharp off-axis even in fast scopes. The 883 is an 88mm f/5.8 scope. I've used the TE11WZ in an 8" f/4.9...