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Recent content by Pedro Ramalho

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    Missed the boat from Portugal.

    They winter quite to the north in Portugal.
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    Bittern, Salreu - Portugal, today

    Rafael in the last set of pictures posted i think that is easier to see the neck markings. The bird will be sought today and in the coming days certainly, I hope they get better pictures.
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    Bittern, Salreu - Portugal, today

    Yes, in all photos the bill looks "weak".
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    Bittern, Salreu - Portugal, today

    Bittern in Portugal usually is found feeding in rice fields, and at this time of the year the rice fields have water. The bird was seen by at least two different observers, and at least on is experienced it the species. Bittern is scarce in Portugal, and at this time of the year is very rare...
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    Bird ID (Spain)

    It is a political issue, Spanish reviewers generally do not accept the eBird and IOC policy regarding this taxa, hence the difference in the number of records between Portugal and Spain. Even in Portugal, the issue is by no means decided and the consensus is that the IOC has rushed into the...
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    Algarve Portugal 23.07.2020

    It is not clear to me that he thought of Stone curlew in the field, I think he only thought that when he looked at the photo. In reality it is not even clear that he saw the bird, it may have been caught by chance when he was photographing another species ...
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    Algarve Portugal 23.07.2020

    As the observer has no idea of ​​the size or type of flight, can a Lark be discarded?
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    Jaeger/Skua from Indonesia

    pointed, tail is ok for a second year LST.
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    Common Whitethroat?

    Juvenile Subalpine Warbler (Sylvia cantillans)
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    Must be an escape???

    Agapornis personatus
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    Elvas and Serra de S. Mamede

    not sure if it's not better to go to Spain. But maybe: https://ebird.org/hotspot/L2513488 and https://ebird.org/hotspot/L2513306
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    White-rumped Swifts

    Depends of the resort, and the defenition of relatively close. :)
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    Anthus ID help-Portugal

    Four, of which three were accepted by the Portuguese rarities committee. The other is being analyzed.
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    Sandpiper in Egypt

    True, bill is to short. Little Stint
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    Sandpiper in Egypt

    It is a Broad-billed Sandpiper.