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Recent content by pete_gamby

  1. pete_gamby

    Verano BGA VHD Now Available

    Hi there - yes the close focus specifications are correct (and I checked the demo units in our showroom - the 42mm were both able to focus at a slightly better than spec 1.2m with the 32mm on spec at 2). Cheers, Pete
  2. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2021

    Next little lot for you: UK & Ireland Chesil Beach Centre Dorset WT, Portland, 23/10 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 24/10 Portland Bird Observatory, Portland, 24/10 Blashford Lakes, Ringwood, 26/10 Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Brandon Marsh, Coventry, 27/10 Campkins Photo Show - Guildhall...
  3. pete_gamby

    Investigating the Potential of a Small Newtonian Reflector used in Spotting Scope Mode

    Hi Neil Good to speak to you the other day :-) Measuring your photos in Photoshop there's a 1.05x difference in the height of the dish in the erect image shot. Measuring David's photos shows 1.25x increase. David notes in his text that the erect image adapter increases focal length...
  4. pete_gamby

    6x32 MG Black

    It's been hard keeping supply of existing models up to speed so a number of new model developments have been pushed out. Will keep you posted once we have some idea of timelines. Cheers, Pete
  5. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2021

    Still not a huge list but we're getting there! UK & Ireland Potteric Carr Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Doncaster, 9/10 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 10/10 Stanpit Marsh Nature Reserve, Christchurch, 16/10 Attenborough Nature Centre, Attenborough, 16/10 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 17/10...
  6. pete_gamby

    SDL v3 Eyepiece Now Shipping

    You shouldn't use an adapter ring with the HR66 - the SDLv3 will attach directly to the scope body.
  7. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2021

    And we're back with the next little lot UK & Ireland Warwickshire Wildlife Trust Brandon Marsh, Coventry, 22/9 Attenborough Nature Centre, Attenborough, 25/9 Idle Valley Nature Reserve, Retford, 26/9 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 26/9 Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory, Sandwich, 26/9 Blashford...
  8. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2021

    Next batch for you including the Spurn Migfest this weekend. UK & Ireland Potteric Carr Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Doncaster, 9/9 Spurn Bird Observatory Migfest, Easington, 10-12/9 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 12/9 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 19/9 Portland Bird Observatory, Portland...
  9. pete_gamby

    Another budget scope request

    This kit probably fits the budget better - that MM4 listing doesn't include the eyepiece. https://www.cleyspy.co.uk/product/opticron-mm3-60-ga-45-kit/ HTH
  10. pete_gamby

    Verano BGA VHD Now Available

    As Lee has experience of both Traveller and now Verano, he will better placed to objectively answer how the optics compare but in essence, yes, in our opinion the Verano is optically superior. Cheers, Pete
  11. pete_gamby

    Verano BGA VHD Now Available

    Currently none in the pipeline - Troubadour is still working on the Aurora but I'll be asking him when he returns from his travels. The UK birding titles have long lead times but we hope to see something there later in the year. Will let you know when we have something arranged. Cheers, Pete
  12. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2021

    The people at Redstart Birding are running a survey to help them plan their fall try and buy program: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/952THHN So if any US readers want an event to happen near to them, might be worth your time to fill out the survey! Cheers, Pete
  13. pete_gamby

    Optics Events 2021

    Next batch for you: UK & Ireland Blashford Lakes, Ringwood, 27/7 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 1/8 Hauxley Nature Reserve, Alnwick, 8/8 Warnham Local Nature Reserve, Horsham, 8/8 RSPB still not listing any equipment demos. US Southeast Arizona Birding Festival, Tucson, AZ, 8/11-15...
  14. pete_gamby

    New birder here have a question binos Vortex Diamondback 8x32 vs Nikon Prostaff 7's 8x30

    Seems strange to suggest someone consider a $400 Kowa binocular when he's looking at two that are under $200...
  15. pete_gamby

    Quick & dirty review of 8x42 Opticron Aurora.

    @Mikewander - You could call JRS in Perth (your closest Opticron dealer) and ask them to order one in on sale or return for you to try. Any problems, ask them to call me - 01582 726522. Cheers, Pete