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Recent content by Petrus82

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    Exchange action of Zeiss straps!!!

    I used my £25 voucher no problem and paid the remaining balance with credit card.
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    Exchange action of Zeiss straps!!!

    So much for the EU commitment to the environment. All these straps being replaced and sent to landfill! You couldn't make it up!
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    The End of (Another) Era - HR WP

    This is one model that doesn't deserve criticism. Razor sharp image and excellent 3D effect is worth sacrificing the fov.
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    First impressions of Opticron Discovery 7x42

    I think what's happening here is that everyone likes a 7x and there are so few around. I tried to convince myself that these were good value for money too, but in reality they are disappointing. I tried them next to a few cheaper Helios models and they weren't at all bright for a 6mm exit pupil...
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    New Opticron website design

    Why did you move production of the Imagic TGA to China but keep the same price? They don't feel as good as the Japanese version and the view isn't as good.
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    First impressions of Opticron Discovery 7x42

    I thought they were absolute garbage and a waste of money.
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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    My implicit response from that particular comment from Frank is “No sh*t Sherlock!” Seriously, I think Jinty is being harsh!
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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    Swarovski Man, The only thing I would note is that an experienced birder like you would need something with a higher magnification for the coast. I know you do a lot of coastal work in your professional capacity.
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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    Pete, It’s certainly a very appealing binocular. Are there any plans to bring out a higher end 7x42? Could the Imagic VHD resurrect the Imagic BGA SE 7x42?
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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    It will be available in the UK too?
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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    Pete, Can I ask what the rationale was for introducing a 7x42 in the Discovery range? It’s a welcome, if a little unusual, move.
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    Opticron Discovery 7x42

    Looking at the Opticron brochure, it would appear a 7x42 model is coming in the Discovery range. This is a very interesting and welcome development. I am very fond of the Discovery model. Does anyone know when these are available?
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    Viking 6.5x32 MD review

    I am very lucky as I bought a pair from a friend for £50. They were never used outside. He only used them to look out the window and look at books on his bookshelf. I also was fond of Dougie.
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    Review: Imagic BGA VHD 8x42

    I agree with the Swarovski Man. They are great binoculars.
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    DBA VHD £100 Cash Back Promotion

    I thought it was very cheap looking. The view was decent but not great. The Imagic VHD is better.