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Recent content by phil baber

  1. phil baber

    Bird ID Menorca. 29 September 2012.

    Very bad footage. Slowed and repeated. Not much to go on! Came across this today and had forgotten it for years. I remember a big fall of Robins that week. This bird appeared on an outcrop and dived for cover, soon after a Sardinian Warbler had chased a Scops Owl into a bush. The russet tail is...
  2. phil baber

    uk pipit

    Mipit. Agreed.
  3. phil baber

    Duck ,Northern Greece

    They are indeed!
  4. phil baber

    Which bird could this be?

    Willow. Nice photos Frank!
  5. phil baber

    Raven or crow? plus Twite ID? Rye Harbour, East Sussex, UK (25/01/19).

    For sure. Yellow bill on 4 and check the "curry-coloured faces" and bec-jaunes on these beauties! B (:
  6. phil baber

    Little Tern?

  7. phil baber

    Warbler from Cyprus

    It is. A male. A wonderful bird with a machine-gun call.
  8. phil baber

    Plover in Mallorca

    3 votes.
  9. phil baber

    gull from Poland

    Are they still calling it Caspian? Because it looks like one. Look at those legs. I spent 5 Springs in Polska and wondered why the Herring Gulls on the Wisla looked funky & weird, before they gave it a name. If it's not a Caspo? I'd like to learn why...
  10. phil baber

    Lesser Whitethroat 26.9.18 London E14.

    In both images I'd suggest, looks like a Lesser Throat that might be a UK/close breeder...? Nice looking bird though! PS During Summer one hears the incessant dry-rattle and rarely see the singer. But when you do? Gorgeous and subtle bird with a hint of un--affodable after-shave! (And cheap...
  11. phil baber

    Tundra or Taiga bean goose

    Agree with Dougie here. We used to call then rossicus... :cat: PS Like a Pinkfoot, but a bit Bean-erer!
  12. phil baber

    Marsh or Willow Tit

    Think one might wish to see a few more pics to get all angles on an ID here? Note the demarcation zone defined on the cheek patch also. The apparent "bull-neck" imho down to angle, and the bib seems big due to shadow of fluffed feathers. Difficult species pair. More photos would help! And I...
  13. phil baber

    Bird on feeder

    Bewick's Wren?
  14. phil baber

    Unknown Plover at Sharm November

    Wow! The next set has put the Plover amongst the Pigeons! And lots of Cats may be watching! Hope so! ;)
  15. phil baber


    Woodlark indeed. They love to perch on high wires. Natural habitat...