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Recent content by pshute

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    Binocular Weight, a Triviality?

    I can't hang anything from my neck for long without getting a neck ache, but can go all day with a harness. I use those instead of worrying about weight. I'm surprised more people don't use harnesses. Mine is basically just a double cord joined at the top, and would weigh less than a normal...
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    Bushnell Legend ultra HD 10x25 ED

    It's a bit odd that they included such a bulky case and strap for a compact binocular. I also use a much thinner bag so it can fit in my pocket. Still looking for a strap. It's common for compact binoculars to have a cord rather than a flat strap. Anything else adds to the bulk in your pocket.
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    Bushnell Legend ultra HD 10x25 ED

    I know this is a very old thread, but I just bought the same model, so still relevant. I focus with my ring finger on top of the knob, and my thumb underneath.
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    Field Optics Eye Sheild

    I assume these don't work if you wear glasses?
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    Nikon Travelite EX 10x25 CF - why the third strap mounting point?

    The mounting points aren't really in a good spot anyway, should be further towards the side of each barrel. As they are, the binoculars hang at a 45 degree angle, so the ends dig into your chest. The longer you have the straps, the more they dig in. My Nikon Monarch 8x42s hang at a 20 degree...
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    Nikon Travelite EX 10x25 CF - why the third strap mounting point?

    Just bought these Travelites to try as pocket binoculars. Why do they have a third strap mounting point on the inner side of the left barrel?
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    Help with Australian Bird ID - Historic Cased Taxidermy

    The bill shape looks a better match than Strong-billed Honeyeater to me. The splash of white on the wing and the line of white across the tail might just be reflections on the glass.
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    Loch Leven hide destroyed by deliberate fire.

    That's a pity. Question - why build such elaborate hides when you could have several simple ones for less money? Like this one in Melbourne, Australia.
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    Coming off Auto

    I just realised it's a DSLR, so you could increase the ISO further to get the shutter speed higher.
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    Coming off Auto

    I wonder if we need to see some more sample photos. This photo doesn't look that bad to me, and assuming it's not cropped, it looks like the kind of situation where full auto mode would do an ok job.
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    Any A1000 users?

    When I search here, I see no mentions of the Nikon A1000. I'm just wondering what it would be like for bird photography. In pocket sized, long zoom cameras with viewfinders, there are very few choices. I think there's just this, the Panasonic TZ95 and the Sony DSC-HX99 (and some of their...
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    Coming off Auto

    Shutter speed is 1/250, so there might be a little motion blur, but ISO is 2500 and you wouldn't want it any higher, so there's not much that could be done other than look at it with less enlargement.
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    Coming off Auto

    No replies yet? It looks a bit overexposed to me. Do others agree? What would be the best way to get it right? Maybe turn on whatever Canon calls the overexposure warning (highlight alert)? Then apply exposure compensation to reduce the flashing in the overexposed white bits. What exposure...
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    Interesting new camera, possibly of interest for birdwatchers

    Thinking more about this device, while it might not be a particularly good camera or monocular, it's an interesting change in form factor that could be useful. Pocket sized long zoom cameras achieve their size by extending the lens when turned on, which is a nuisance and makes them vulnerable...
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    England lockdown policy

    Here in Melbourne (Australia), when we were locked down last year, fishing was banned too. I'm not sure if birdwatching was specifically banned, but I think photography was. Exercise was allowed once a day for up to an hour, wearing a mask, and we weren't allowed to drive to do it. Probably not...