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Recent content by PYRTLE


    W.T.Eagle ( N W Norfolk ) reintroduction proposal

    Here we go again........https://wildkenhill.co.uk/category/white-tailed-eagles/ I recall the last proposal ( English Nature then ) a decade ago, and the response from within the county. Let's see how this one develops, early days to gauge reaction through a survey. Some familiar exponents in...

    What Canon binoculars does Chris Packham use?

    As have the Canon 10 x 42. Edit..... have seen images of him using both brands, let's see what or if tonight reveals a pair.

    What Canon binoculars does Chris Packham use?

    There is an advert I've just checked where he is endorsing and wearing a Canon 10 x 32 IS. This I think is what was in last nights clip, on reflection. He stopped endorsing brands that had links and products associated with h*nting.

    What Canon binoculars does Chris Packham use?

    I believe he uses the 10 x 42 which is IS and has done for some time.

    Ivory-Billed Woodpecker continued

    I watched a 5 minute video of Sibley admitting he was sceptical of the IVB existing and why he had come to that conclusion despite obviously wishing the species was still about. It just leaves me wondering when do we (as birders, not scientists) accept that the species is lost forever. Who...

    Bird Feeders

    Delia has covered why the regular visitors have moved on....change. I think a degree of shelter, safety and security too from any likely predators that the mature shrub would have afforded. Give them time and they will eventually return. Perhaps reduce the amount and frequency of the food on the...

    What should I clean binocular lenses with?

    Tears from ducts that end up on eyelashes = greasy residues.

    Pomarine or Arctic

    I thought he had said that as well as the date, in his original post, Mersin - Turkey ( which has not been edited ).

    Unknown Bird Call, Turkey

    Not yet.
  10. PYRTLE

    Small and light scopes ...

    There just isn't a sufficient market for a premium lightweight 50mm telescope imo......hence why both Swarovski and Zeiss have developed larger telescopes instead as you've mentioned. The Nikon ED5O filled this niche well when launched, as it could take the various eyepieces offered at the...
  11. PYRTLE

    Winterwatch 2021

    In what way did they seem odd? Seemed a fairly standard call to me at the time. I'll have another listen later.
  12. PYRTLE

    Pomarine or Arctic

    I too would initially go for Pomarine based on bulkier shape and silhouette.
  13. PYRTLE

    Birds in field - maybe fieldfare? Kent, UK

    Any more images, they could be Mistle thrushes, Skylarks.....
  14. PYRTLE

    Big birds heading north in the middle of winter.

    Searching out locally for unfrozen water, food and shelter.
  15. PYRTLE

    Zeiss - Try it for 48hours

    Followed an advert here - interesting concept, especially in lockdown? I wonder why this departure from the traditional type of retailer.....apart from an avenue to increase sales of both binoculars and telescopes. Just a refundable deposit and you could test in the comfort of your back garden.