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Recent content by Rapala

  1. Rapala

    Red Crossbills? MA, USA

    I do believe I hear the "kip kip" flight calls of Red Crossbill as well.
  2. Rapala

    At me feeder, ID please.

    All House Sparrows
  3. Rapala

    Common/Hoary Redpoll - Michigan, USA

    Spotted this redpoll in with a flock of Commons at Whitefish Point a few weeks ago. I've passed it off as a Common but wanted to double check. Although not as pale as a confirmed Hoary spotted later, this individuals was a fair bit paler than the surrounding Common Redpolls. Thoughts?
  4. Rapala

    Hairy or Downy Woodpecker?

    Is this a consistent field mark? I feel that I see quite a bit of variation, with some bills as long as the head but many of a bit shorter length.
  5. Rapala

    Hairy or Downy Woodpecker?

    With that bill I'd say Hairy as well.
  6. Rapala

    Gulls - Michigan, USA

    Hi all, I'm seeking identification on a few gulls seen today. The photos were taken from the shore of Lake St. Clair, located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, amidst a massive flock of Herring/Ring-Billed Gulls. I've got some guesses but I'm curious to hear what you think! 3 and 4 are same...
  7. Rapala

    Bird song Ontario canada

    Song Sparrow
  8. Rapala

    ?warbler,South Padre Island, TX, USA

    No experience with the subspecies myself but I would say it looks good for Yellow "Mangrove" Warbler.
  9. Rapala

    Texas Misc Birds

    Brown Headed Cowbird, House Wren, Sage Thrasher
  10. Rapala

    California ID help

    Agree with Western Bluebird and House Finch.
  11. Rapala

    Bird from Point Lobos (California)

    Black Phoebe
  12. Rapala

    Warbler(?) from Maynard, MA last October

    Pretty standard fall Yellow-Rumped Warbler. Especially note the yellow patches on the shoulders of the bird, drab streaked flanks, and white eye crescents.
  13. Rapala

    Durango to Alamosa Colorado USA

    1 - Not a Yellow-Rumped, looks more like a sparrow to me 2 - Swamp Sparrow 3 - Crow 4 - Lark Sparrow 5 - Forster's Tern?
  14. Rapala

    Raptor i.d. help in n.y.

    I would call them both Broad-Winged. Fine barring across the belly rather than the streaks and belt of Red-Tailed.
  15. Rapala

    Veery or Hermit Thrush

    My thought as well. I can see a fairly distinct band across the rump where there is a transition from grayish-brown feathers of the back to the rufous color of the tail. However, this appearance seems to be lessened by the bright sunlight entering from the left side of the frame. I can still...