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Recent content by Ratal

  1. Ratal

    Review: Opticron Verano 8x32

    Going to be having a pair of these in the new year. The Zeiss Victory 8x25 is a marvel, but I love the 8x32 format. As for Opticron Aurora, these will be a pair of bins I have for decades to come. Mine are absolute cherry, and everytime people have a look through them in the field, they are...
  2. Ratal

    Review: Opticron Verano 8x32

    So you rate the sharpness as good as the new 8x42 Aurora? Thats freaking incredible - I wouldn't swap my Aurora for anything and have tested it against some of the biggest hitters in the field - But if the 8x32 Verano lose nothing to it then I may get a set! To be fair - 800 quid verus 400 thats...
  3. Ratal

    The Highlands and Islands Thread

    A massive fall of Thrushes across the Nairn sea front just the now. A mix of Redwing, Fieldfare and others.
  4. Ratal

    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 - Globe or no Globe?

    Low light is one area that just absolutely blew me away. I had them with me as the sun was down behind the mountains and the forest was gloomy. Still performed to a level that defied belief. I love them. For a compact, light, sturdy travel binocular / For my hands / eyes / face - perfection...
  5. Ratal

    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 - Globe or no Globe?

    Zeiss 8x25 have become my defacto daytime wanderings binocular. Small, unobtrusive, light beyond belief and stellar optics. What's not to like about them?!? Get a solid 9.5 out of 10 from me.
  6. Ratal

    Raptor ID Central France

    That's a brute of a bird
  7. Ratal

    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 - Globe or no Globe?

    Zeiss 8x25 user here - and globe effect makes me sick to my stomach instantly if I find it in a binocular. Happy to write that for all the times in all the environments, I have never once found any. It is a stellar set of bins.
  8. Ratal

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    You can check the serial - the one you marked down from your unit to the one returned to you - would be a lot quicker!
  9. Ratal

    The way to MY binocular

    Opticron Aurora - easily equal to the Conquest in sharpness, better to my eyes in colour and contrast, and a delightfully wide field of view. A dreamy binocular to use in the field as the form and fit is impeccable - and for me? It is where my search for an 8x42 ended.
  10. Ratal

    Dot inside spotting scope

    Kidney beaning. Glad you got it sorted. And enjoy your first ever scope!
  11. Ratal

    Dot inside spotting scope

    Best idea. If in doubt, get it checked out.
  12. Ratal

    Dot inside spotting scope

    Take out the eyepiece, hold it to a bright light and look through. It sounds like you have something creating this - so go have a look see if there is something insise the eyepiece. Then examine the scope the same way.
  13. Ratal

    The one(s) that got away

    My fondest love. Mine were stolen during a nights star gazing at an organised event. Was absolutely devastated and it is the reason I gave (organised) astronomy a wide berth ever since. It is also why I never take honesty of fellow hobbyists for granted.
  14. Ratal

    Opticron Aurora problem/fault?

    If you want a cracking set of Opticron binoculars - the Traveller 8x32 is a smashing set of bins. https://www.parkcameras.com/shop/opticron-traveller-bga-ed-8x32-binocular_9778045r
  15. Ratal

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    I think I'd be teaching the universe new swear words. Hope you get a speedy remedy, as that is absolutely NOT what you want or need. At all.