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Recent content by redeyedvideo

  1. redeyedvideo

    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    Camera updated with the latest firmware, more than 1400 shots later and no lock-ups, woohoo! Until this morning when shooting garden birds in short bursts and we're back to square one, very annoying. It might be me but the focusing doesn't seem as precise either. About to do a factory re-set...
  2. redeyedvideo

    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    It's very unusual for any manufacturer to admit a problem, my EOS R was hopeless for anything that moved until a firmware update for the new RF lenses. It then became usable for birds in flight with my 100-400. I've held off with v1.3.0 as it was catastrophic for R6 users. The R5 doesn't seem to...
  3. redeyedvideo

    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    I don't think the cards are the problem as the last time mine locked up I was only focussing on the bird and hadn't taken any shots for a while. I'm using a single SD card and shooting short bursts with CRAW. Canon Connect is a great app, I've used it to transfer images to my iPad. I can...
  4. redeyedvideo

    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    I'm using Integral SD cards, a brand I switched to after attending the Canon Full-frame roadshow when they handed them out in goody bags. There have been several suggestions suggesting the reasons for the lock-ups but none seem to be card, lens or battery specific. It only becomes apparent after...
  5. redeyedvideo

    So is the Canon R5 a bird photography body?

    Good luck, I can't add much from Dave's (always) comprehensive replies but there's a cold Easter weekend coming so you'd do well to spend some time watching YouTube videos to whet your appetite. I'd recommend searching for Canon R5 Whistling Wings Photography & Jan Wegener, I have mine set up...
  6. redeyedvideo

    Tenerife & Fuerteventura 26th Jan to 5th Feb 2020

    No worries, just my opinion rather than advice. Good luck if you go. I'd be insanely jealous if you managed to see & get good shots of White-faced Petrel, had Desertas Petrel close to the boat which made the trip worthwhile for me. :t: p.s. thanks also for adding the ssp. to your report.
  7. redeyedvideo

    Tenerife & Fuerteventura 26th Jan to 5th Feb 2020

    Thanks Chris, I'm hiring a car for 3 days so concentrating on the main sites, if my son's passport arrives in time. :-C Other than the highly recommended Windbirds excursion I found Madeira to be the most bird-less place I've ever visited. It's most definitely the worst place in the world I've...
  8. redeyedvideo

    Tenerife & Fuerteventura 26th Jan to 5th Feb 2020

    A great report and fabulous photos! I'm visiting Tenerife for the first time soon and hoping to catch up on some of the endemics. Spent the first week of March last year in Fuerteventura and I loved it; hoping Tenerife comes close.
  9. redeyedvideo

    Cape Town April 12th/13th

    I'd highly recommend Dalton Gibbs and Al Kilpin. Both should be easy to find on Google or get in touch with Amanda Kropman or Callan Cohen who will be able to recommend someone: http://www.capetownpelagics.com/pelagics_about_guides.htm#Dalton
  10. redeyedvideo

    Watamu Kenya Africa

    I'm not sure if Spinetail are still going as David Ngala retired a few years back. I used them whilst staying in Watamu, I met David but it was Willy who guided us. It was a disaster. He and our driver fell out, he was bad tempered and we saw none of the target birds. I've heard good reports...
  11. redeyedvideo

    Diver - Firth of Forth

  12. redeyedvideo

    Arctic Fox

    How did you do? We made a last minute decision to go to Látrabjarg when we were heading back from Mývatn. If I'd known just how bad the roads were I wouldn't have made the effort but we did see one fox cross the road about 40km before Látrabjarg and another glimpsed on the way back at about...
  13. redeyedvideo

    Where in the world?

    I'll add Panama to the great suggestions above although South Africa would probably get my vote.
  14. redeyedvideo

    Two From The Gambia

    Thanks both, this is the conclusion I'd come to. The bill on the bishop is a bit too chunky for other possible species.