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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

Recent content by richard866945

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    Ross Solaross 12x40 build quality

    It's also important to clean the eyepiece tubes and lightly regrease. You don't then have to over tighten the nut under the focus arms, to achieve smooth focus.
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    Dismantling Ross Stepruva 9x35

    you have to unscrew the cone which houses the front lens then remove the plate. I see you have already removed the screw from the plate..
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    scotland april 2022 campervan trip

    Mono, thank you for the info . I have loaded the SOC app on to my phone as a few of us are going to Scotland in May so the local advice is very valuable.
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    My short and simple take on the Meopta Meostar 10x42HD

    slight horizontal mis-alignment is not easy to detect but even slight vertical error will strain your eyes very quickly.
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    Bino servicing

    I may be able to help. What have you got and what's wrong? Richard Action Optics as seen on The Repair Shop
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    Binoculars with different coatings on either objective

    Yes, two elements , same glass and batches with different colour coatings.
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    Binoculars with different coatings on either objective

    I used to do the repairs for Bushnell in the UK and the Natureview Porro models suddenly had very different coloured objectives. They also had terrible colour abberation. The factory sent over boxes full with new objectives and explained that the colour abberation was because a batch had been...
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    Fuji KF 10x32 issue

    not come across that.
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    Best Day Vision and Night Vision in one monocular?

    I bought one of these and have been very impressed. Cost less than £300 ( $367 ) incl freight. http://www.big5china.com/productshow_2366_s107_t160_c0.html Optical mag is 8x with 4x digital zoom, Colour vision in daylight, black & white at night.
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    Fuji KF 10x32 issue

    since 1964.
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    No rubber covering wanted.

    I have used some of Milly's sheets to recover a couple of Canon IS models where the rubber / plastic coating became sticky. I removed all the sticky stuff and recovered the important bits that you grip, with Milly's "leatherette" It looked good and functioned well.
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    Fuji KF 10x32 issue

    Yes, I usually a rubber based contact adhesive. Just a smear on the cover and the body. Wait a few minutes then press together. I don't think this is a fault deserving a guarantee repair. It does not affect the performance in the slightest as long as the rubber does not lift enough to catch...
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    Fuji KF 10x32 issue

    The rubber armour is very unlikely to be part of the water proofing. Please don't use super glue as it makes the rubber go brittle. The only reason that I know that calls for something to be done is when the rubber lifts and rubs on the focus wheel.
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    Tightening the hinge

    I'm not sure it is a job for someone inexperienced in binocular repairs and Vortex have a good guarantee policy so best send it back to them.
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    Tightening the hinge

    Usually due to old grease drying up and getting waxy or tolerances in the plastic parts. I have cleaned out old or even new grease , then used some grinding paste to ease the threads before regreasing.