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Recent content by richard866945

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    Let's talk PORROS!

    A quick check on the internet reveals over a dozen non PC roof models so I will also advise that if your budget is limited, buy a porro model.
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    Something melting inside of scope?

    I've seen similar damage in a number of binoculars and if the owner wanted, I have simply removed the melted plastic component. The irregular shape can be annoying / distracting.
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    Let's talk PORROS!

    One big difference between porro and roof prisms. Roof prism systems must include a phase correction coating. So inexpensive porros will always give a better image compared with inexpensive roof prism systems that don't have phase correction.
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    Recommend UK based optical repair?

    If Gary is too busy, you could try the guy who does episodes for The Repair Shop. Search Action Optics.
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    Royal Navy current use binoculars?

    Out in the Gulf, the Navy use a model very similar to this. 20x and 40x 100.
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    Binoculars made in Russia and the USSR

    and did you know that many Russian optical instruments had a serial number with the first two numbers indicating the year of manufacture.
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    HP Equinox repair

    yes, that should / could work. There is always a chance that you will have to shave a sliver off to get the right resistance so I'll send enough to play with.
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    HP Equinox repair

    Yes, those little pieces of rubber 'o' ring material are what gives the friction. I have about 30 different sizes in my workshop as the smallest difference in diameter. will mean the eyecups are too loose or jam. If you can accurately measure one of the existing pieces , I will see if I have...
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    Hi Guys can anyone tell me how these binoculars compare to a modern Hawke8x42edx in terms of quality,image and costs. Many thanks

    Your binocular was made in 1979 and was a close copy of the C Zeiss Jena Jenoptem 8x30. Many parts are interchangeable especially the prisms. The covers were sealed with a heavy black wax and the gaps around the eyepieces were fitted with greased green felt so they are virtually water proof and...
  10. Little egret reflection.jpg

    Little egret reflection.jpg

    Little egret
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    Komz 6x24 conditional alignment advice requested

    Maybe you don't realise that the front lenses are in eccentric rings. Having got the prisms roughly in place, you can unscrew the covers around the lenses; release the lock ring and rotate the eccentric ring and or the mount that contains the object glass. It's not quite that straight forward...
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    WW 2 U Boot binocular repair

    Definitely 7x50. The eyepieces were fixed focus but could be altered by a technician if required. However as the young fit men who used these, had 20/20 vision, they are rarely changed form the factory set up. The repair was carried out over 4 days as I kept having to wait for my turn with the...
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    WW 2 U Boot binocular repair

    It was also very interesting to carry out over 4 days as I had to keep waiting for the camera crew to come to my bench between all the other items that were being filmed at the same time.
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    Komz 6x24 conditional alignment advice requested

    with patience and practice it is possible to get perfect alignment without a collimator. I am however pleasantly surprised when I adjust a binocular using a distant object and find the alignment is absolutely correct when checked on a collimator. It's only taken about 57 years.
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    Komz 6x24 conditional alignment advice requested

    As you are not so very far away, do you fancy bringing your binocular to my workshop and using one of my collimators? I'm on the outskirts of Hythe, Southampton. I'm around this coming week then off for a break. You can see me and my portable collimator on The Repair Shop on Tuesday at 4.30...