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Recent content by RichieTwitchy

  1. RichieTwitchy

    Greenfinch? (audio) Aintree Liverpool UK (today 1st March)

    Thanks for the update Lou (y)
  2. RichieTwitchy

    Greenfinch? (audio) Aintree Liverpool UK (today 1st March)

    Thanks Lou. It was near a main dual carriageway near to a canal so the Corn Buntings would be very unusual for that area as it's quite built up, but they could have been passing through as there are fields and meadows less than a mile away. In fact, I've seen maybe 2 Greenfinch and no CBs in...
  3. RichieTwitchy

    Greenfinch? (audio) Aintree Liverpool UK (today 1st March)

    Hi all Heard these guys - quite a few all together - all chattering away. I'm partially colour-blind so to me they looked yellowy. The birds also looked 'chunky' and big-headed - like Greenfinch. I've had a listen on xeno and it seems like Greenfinch, but I though I'd ask you guys. Thank you.
  4. RichieTwitchy

    Sprawk or other? West Derby Liverpool UK (today)

    Thanks Debs - thought so but always hopeful ;)
  5. RichieTwitchy

    Sprawk or other? West Derby Liverpool UK (today)

    Hi all Firstly, sorry for the awful photos - I grabbed my camera and before I could focus properly the bird was gone. I've sharpened the photos, but the colours are washed out as they were taken against a bright grey sky. It was flying very high up and the bird was using short flappy wing...
  6. RichieTwitchy

    What is that ?

    "I thought bird don't have a dick?" - what are you, 12? Surprised no one else has said anything. But as usual the helpful guys of this forum have at least, maturely, tried to solve your mystery. Ever thought of thanking them?
  7. RichieTwitchy

    Passerine - Ilkley Moor

    Absolutely no need for apologies. Glad you got it sorted. Told you these guys know their stuff ;)
  8. RichieTwitchy

    Passerine - Ilkley Moor

    Why not just write Black Redstart in your thread title if that's what you think it was? I don't see the point of asking if you personally think it's something else and then start to question why it isn't the one you were thinking it was when members put forward their opinions - nothing wrong...
  9. RichieTwitchy

    Pipit ID

    Can we place a sticky somewhere about this? I know it's within the 'Please Read Before Posting To The Id Forum' sticky but it needs one by itself as no matter how many times you tell people they still do not abide by this very simple rule.
  10. RichieTwitchy

    White flock, Edinburgh, Scotland

    We have a small flock - all completely white - around here by Aintree Racecourse. Always sitting on the wires - angelic looking birds.
  11. RichieTwitchy

    Birds in field - maybe fieldfare? Kent, UK

    When in the field always note behaviour and any calls - it all helps when iding something.
  12. RichieTwitchy

    Wader? Piper? Lunt Sefton UK today

    Ah thank you PYRTLE and Andrew for your quick response :t: He was a manic little chap |:D|
  13. RichieTwitchy

    Wader? Piper? Lunt Sefton UK today

    Hi all This fella made such a racket that by the time I got my camera out he was miles away - hence the distant shots from behind. High up and seemed small - pigeon-sized? hard to tell really - flying hap-haphazardly and making quite a racket as I've said. With that straight bill it seems...
  14. RichieTwitchy

    Which Godwit- Crosby Beach Liverpool UK (yesterday)

    Cheers for that Andrew - all good knowledge to take with me :t: