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Recent content by RichieTwitchy

  1. RichieTwitchy


    When posting choose the 'attach file' button. If your photo is too large then open the image to view it full screen in your phone's gallery and then take a screenshot and upload that screenshot instead using the 'attach file' button.
  2. RichieTwitchy

    Warbler sized Garden bird ID needed Crewkerne Somerset UK

    @earleybird May I suggest you record its song if it reappears as this is usually better in identifying warblers, as photos may contain colour artefacts or distortion.
  3. RichieTwitchy

    Red and yellow bird.. any ideas anyone? Looks like a massive Robin! Maybe a red breasted flycatcher?

    Here's a size comparison with a Robin - I've affected the image as to mimic yours but not the scale - and as you can see the proportions fit perfectly. If the pair are regular visitors - you mention they've been around for 3 days - then see if you can photograph further images or a video, but...
  4. RichieTwitchy

    Cetti's Warbler? Lunt UK (today 13th January)

    My personal colour-blindness affects reds, browns, yellows and greens (and all hues in-between) and also blues, purples and (surprisingly) greens again! I can see the difference in shades and brightness at times, but I can't determine the colours. So when a person without colour-blindness sees...
  5. RichieTwitchy

    Cetti's Warbler? Lunt UK (today 13th January)

    Cheers guys - I think that because they are harder to see, I've developed a soft spot for them.
  6. RichieTwitchy

    Cetti's Warbler? Lunt UK (today 13th January)

    Thanks Alexander - you're always respectful and helpful and I always enjoy reading your detailed comments in this identification section of the forum. I've learned a lot from your posts (y)
  7. RichieTwitchy

    Cetti's Warbler? Lunt UK (today 13th January)

    I'm fairly confident that it is, but id-ing warblers isn't the most easy at times - especially for us colour-blind birders! So it looks good for Cetti's as it's pretty plain, has a pale supercilium and darker eye stripe with bright eye ring, upright tail and it was skulking around the middle of...
  8. RichieTwitchy

    Is this a bird? Seen in UK

    Is this what you're looking at Starburst? Looks like something occupying the hollow of a tree - but I can't make out what.
  9. RichieTwitchy

    Garden bird - Leicester UK - rare sighting twice a year winter

    Listen, there is really no need to go on and on and on explaining the reasons why - just get to the point will you.
  10. RichieTwitchy

    Night bird not heard before.

    Butty - Joanie made 2 threads (of the same subject) and it seems Sussex UK is the location.
  11. RichieTwitchy

    Night bird not heard before.

    Joanie could you perhaps try and capture a recording on your phone? This would help a lot in identifying your bird/animal.
  12. RichieTwitchy

    Pipit - Breydon Water, UK

    Looks like you get all 3 regularly in that part of the country so make sure to visit there again soon as I'm sure they'll still be around and abouts somewhere.
  13. RichieTwitchy

    Pipit - Breydon Water, UK

    Butty is correct - you say that all 3 of you agreed on its size but compared to what? If you saw a man on a beach alone would you easily be able to gauge his height? A bird's behaviour, calls and markings offer better evidence for an id when size is difficult to judge.
  14. RichieTwitchy

    Identity of bird in painting

    Dammit - just realised it was from a painting!
  15. RichieTwitchy

    Identity of bird in painting

    Have we any more information on where this was seen and the best location for good views? Even though I must admit I think I have this one ticked already.