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Recent content by RichieTwitchy

  1. RichieTwitchy

    Bird ID help in Toulouse (France) - treecreeper

    May I suggest starting new threads for different birds you wish to identify as members may miss your latest query thinking the original bird in this thread is being discussed and not a different one.
  2. RichieTwitchy

    Short squeaky call?

    Here's an edited version of the audio omitting the majority of the birdsong except the 2 'squeaky' calls.
  3. RichieTwitchy

    Bird identification advice Hoylake (Red Rocks) UK

    Just over the water from me (y) Here's an available image (one of many on google) showing variations of leucism -
  4. RichieTwitchy

    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Scotland?

    No, it was yesterday at 6:30am But to go to all of the trouble of registering with a website, creating a username and then posting a comment - to go to all that trouble and then not to check on his original post nor take the time to reply? Okay, maybe I expect too much. I didn't mention 'the...
  5. RichieTwitchy

    Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in Scotland?

    The 'new' poster makes one comment and doesn't respond to members' requests - I call, not BS, but guano!
  6. RichieTwitchy

    "Squeaky toy" night calling bird (Manchester, UK)

    Hope you don't mind CrazyDunnock but I've edited and uploaded your recording with an increase in volume to give members a better chance of identifying the bird/s
  7. RichieTwitchy

    Southwold Caspian Gull? #4&5

    Before I got 'into' birding I used to think that there were just 'seagulls' - how blimmin wrong was I :LOL:
  8. RichieTwitchy

    Swan Goose?

    As Butty says - here's a photo I took of a 'pure' (I think - please correct me if not) Swan Goose and you can clearly see the difference between the 2 birds.
  9. RichieTwitchy

    Unusual visitor to garden - London, UK. ID help please?

    Possibly suffering with Mycoplasma.
  10. RichieTwitchy

    Carrion Crow or Raven please - Horwich Moor, Greater Manchester UK

    So with all the differing opinions then is this bird unidentifiable? A guess, or an opinion, no matter how well argued, is surely just that (?) Or do we go by percentages?
  11. RichieTwitchy

    White Gull. North Yorkshire

    I thought that may be the case - but you can't beat an original image (y)
  12. RichieTwitchy

    Carrion Crow or Raven please - Horwich Moor, Greater Manchester UK

    I'm struggling to find an image of a Carrion Crow whose feathers go as far down the bill - as others have said - so it's got to be a Raven.
  13. RichieTwitchy

    White Gull. North Yorkshire

    I just don't understand why people continue to upload images taken via the back of a camera??? Forgive me if I'm wrong..... but people ask for a definite ID yet upload a photo where the colours WILL be affected by the glare of the screen, the colour balance of not only the original image but...
  14. RichieTwitchy

    Bird sound I’d please

    Try this website - no registration required - just upload your file and select a file to convert it too. It's a simple interface :) https://www.zamzar.com
  15. RichieTwitchy

    Trying to ID bird call-Greater London

    Does it sound like this? https://xeno-canto.org/740832